Wednesday, December 21, 2016

German Investigation - Part 5 - Age of Terror

Lets Get Real:

The Germans really need to get their act together, no wonder terrorists see Germany as an easy target, the Age of Terror seems not to have been noticed  by Germany.   By allowing in a million refugees in the German, the Government has created its own problem, they should have been checked for any terrorist links, the Islamic terrorists are working the system, the legal system in Germany seems for the benefit of the criminals, that could go back to World War 2, but this is now, Germany has to toughen up or its the rest of Europe that will be paying the price.

Trump and the Popular Vote - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The President - Elect should not allow the Democrats to get under his skin, there will be more serious issues to face when he becomes President in 2017.   President Trump should be more annoyed with the Russians who have cast a shadow over his election, rather being nice to Putin the new Trump Administration should shut the lights in Moscow for a day to teach the Russians a lesson if they are going to cyber attack the West there should be consequences, but making sure they DO NOT turn the lights off in Hospitals other important civic centres.  Also make sure the Russian military has control of its nuclear assets, the new President does not want WW3 on his first week in the job.

The German Investigation - Part 5 - Age of Terror

BBC News: Reports on the latest information released by the Police on the new suspect in the Berlin Terror attack, " German prosecutors named the man they are searching for as Anis Amri, 23, from Tunisia, warning he could be armed and dangerous. "

Lets Get Real:

The suspect could either trying to get out of Germany or planning further terror attacks, the German people should report anything suspect to the Police.   As long as Daesh is allowed to exist in Syria and Iraq it is a constant threat to the West, as Western forces push Daesh back they will attempt to cause further attacks in the West.    The new Trump Administration has promised to take out Daesh, let us hope Trump who has been successful at winning elections has the same success in foreign policy over the next four years.