Monday, April 24, 2017

ICBM of North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THIS North Korean Crisis is still on going, one can hope that China has placed enough pressure on NK for them not to test the Trump Administration to far.   The Trump Oval might think he has more of a free hand when it comes to the military, thus striking NK should it test a nuclear device or worse have a working ICMB that can reach the US.   The question is will NK really press that button, a ICBM test that works and is not thwarted by the US would be a major threat the the US seaboard.   The US has an aircraft Carrier in the region also subs, is the Senate meeting in the White House an attempt to get support for tough action by the Oval Office if China can not get NK to stand down.  Thus tense days ahead. 

Welsh Poll - Campaign Trail 11 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

This is a VERY GOOD poll for the Conservatives, they have a 10 point lead, BUT and there is a BUT, we have a six week election to go, the BBC/GUARDIAN types will try to soft peddle the Labour errors and press any problems with the Conservatives.   Thus the Conservative Party must be the Party of the Union, looking after the working man, those that manage week by week.   They must keep the lock on pensions, as old people vote, the young are stuck behind their smart phones and laptops.  Thus the Conservative Party in Wales must work HARDER, they must think they are 10 points behind, they have to hit those doors and ask for the people's vote.   They must accept that there is a real threat from a Corbyn Government. 

The North Korean Crisis - Update

Lets Get Real:

This how serious the Trump Administration is about the North Korean Crisis, the Oval Office wants support from the HILL for its actions.  On the other hand this could be  a problem, you have a hundred Senators who think they would make a BETTER President than Trump and of course there is the personal dislike of the man.   President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis had a Congressional meeting of the leaders of the Senate, it did not go well, the Leaders were very hawkish when it came to having Soviet missiles in Cuba.   Thus we shall see what support Trump gets from the Hill if any.