Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Does Hillary Clinton understand WHY she LOST? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It seems that HRC has started to believe her own press statements, it was the fault of the FBI, the Russians, men not wanting a woman President, she even thinks the press are the blame.   The real reason that HRC LOST was she was as unpopular or even more so that President Trump, the US voter did not want either as candidates but HRC was seen as part of the Establishment.  The Clinton Campaign has to look at how they manged to turn a Crowning event in to a loss twice, once in 2008 and later in 2016.   The common factor was HRC, she is not a good candidate, she gave the impression that the Presidency was hers by right, as if defending Bill Clinton over the years was a VIP route to the Presidency.   IF HRC really thinks the above is true then she has no chance in 2020 if she wants to run, the Democrats have given her two chances, and she has blown them twice, the Party can not afford another bad candidate. 

The Splits within Labour - Campaign Trail 21 - GE2017

Telegraph: Reports on remarks by the Labour Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, " Tom Watson appears to give up on Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister "

Lets Get Real:

Those with a brain cell are hoping to avoid Labour being destroyed on June 8th, thus they are seeking to move the context, rather than voting for a disaster that would be Jeremy Corbyn, Labour voters are told to think about their MP and how he or she will fight against a expected Conservative majority.   The Conservatives should highlight the above, it shows that the Labour Party is more interested in keeping alive than defending its leader and his wacky ideas.   The expected Conservative victory could be BIG.   On the other hand voters do not like to be taken for granted, thus the Conservatives have to act as if they are ten points behind, fight hard and mean. 

New Poll - Conservatives LEAD by 19% - Campaign Trail 20 - GE2017

Guardian - Live Reporting: Reports in its 3.28pm post the following, " Conservatives have 19-point lead over Labour, latest Guardian/ICM poll suggests

The fiasco that is Diane Abbott - Campaign Trail 20 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The left wing loons that make up the Corbyn Shadow Cabinet is headed by Diane Abbott, this is not the first time that she has placed a shoe in her own mouth, it can be argued that there are only two reasons that Abbott is in the Shadow Cabinet, she is a left wing loon like Corbyn and she dated him the 1970s.   The mess that is the Corbyn Labour Party should come to an end on June 9th, the very thought of Abbott as Home Secretary should make sure you have your passport ready to go if there is a shock election result.  The Labour Party will force Corbyn to go if he losses the election otherwise it is the end of Labour as an effective Political Party in the UK.   Vote Conservative in the local elections. 

PM May and the EU - Campaign Trail 19 - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

This is the kind of language that the UK voter wants to hear, it likes it when we have a tough PM, who will stand up to the EU, the rest of the political parties would be weak, heaven knows that the Labour Policy is on the EU, as for the Liberal Democrats they want to run by the EU.   The message that PM will be a bloody difficult woman reminds the voters of the glory days of Lady Thatcher.   The Conservative Party has won the spin cycle today.  JUST another few weeks to go, also recall to vote in the Council elections, Do I really have to tell you to who vote for for the local elections.