Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Splits within Labour - Campaign Trail 21 - GE2017

Telegraph: Reports on remarks by the Labour Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, " Tom Watson appears to give up on Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister "

Lets Get Real:

Those with a brain cell are hoping to avoid Labour being destroyed on June 8th, thus they are seeking to move the context, rather than voting for a disaster that would be Jeremy Corbyn, Labour voters are told to think about their MP and how he or she will fight against a expected Conservative majority.   The Conservatives should highlight the above, it shows that the Labour Party is more interested in keeping alive than defending its leader and his wacky ideas.   The expected Conservative victory could be BIG.   On the other hand voters do not like to be taken for granted, thus the Conservatives have to act as if they are ten points behind, fight hard and mean. 

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