Monday, May 22, 2017

May does a U - Turn on Social Care - Campaign Trail 47 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The general election of 2017 got interesting in the past few days, the reason is that PM May did not discuss SOCIAL CARE POLICY with her Cabinet, also the FACT that Scotland will not have any welfare cuts, there will be no means testing the winter fuel allowance.  One can only hope that this MASSIVE U - TURN by the PM will prevent Labour from having a chance of winning the election.   The mistake was self inflicted, the PM should have discussed the issue when the Cabinet, one is sure someone would have called it a dementia TAX, one only hope that the polls improve for the Conservatives, other wise this  blog is moving to Ireland. 

The NEW Conservative promise on SOCIAL CARE - Campaign Trail 46 - GE 2017

Lets Get Real:

This shows that the PM can hear the political winds, the Labour Party from the various polls has gained 5 points, thus narrowing the Conservative lead, the PM should stress that the old will have limited costs and that they after their death can give some of their assets over to their family.   The Labour Party has had a field day with this blunder by the Conservatives, the PM should have had more of a discussion on the issue, the Dementia Tax could be her Poll Tax is she is not careful.   The PM should try to move the issue on to Brexit, stress that Labour betray the vote of 2016.

The Latest UK polls - Labour increase Vote Share - Campaign Trail 45 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative Manifesto on care policy has backfired on the Conservatives, the Party has to move the issue on, they have to stress that Corbyn is a THREAT to UK security, he will never order a nuclear strike if the UK is at WAR, he has supported the IRA in the past and has refused to be critical of them in a Sky interview.  Also the Party of LOW taxes has to stress that Corbyn would hit EVERYONE with his promises, rich would have flown away, while the Middle Class are hit with the tax hikes.   On the Conservatives have to stress that on June 9th we could have a PM Corbyn, that should frighten the voters.