Friday, July 28, 2017

New White House Chief of Staff - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is the most shocking resignation/sacking since Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff resigned as he was been blamed for Iran - Contra by those close to Reagan.  Even that shocking resignation was more diplomatic than the sacking of Reince Priebus, the poor man had more political arrows thrown at him that General Custer had at the Battle of Little Bighorn.    The style and class is missing from the Trump White House, Kennedy dealt better with the Bay of Pigs and Reagan took a political hit by stating that he was the Captain of the Ship, thus he took full responsibility for Iran Contra, and both Presidents are seen as great Presidents.  One can only hope that the new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly can get the US Trump back on course. 

North Korean ICBM Test - Part 3 - North Korean Crisis


Lets Get Real:

The REAL worry for China is that Japan would go nuclear with the help of the US, the Trump Oval might have to threaten China that its ancient enemy will get the bomb, weather they like or not.   Thus China would have two problems, it would have the North Korean on its border that could start a War at any time and the the threat that South Korea and Japan could go nuclear.  ON the Chinese side neither is a great option, thus they are stalling, waiting to see what happens and hoping nothing happens.   The worry is that Trump might want to divert attention from home for going after North Korea, as President he has a lot more power in foreign policy, thus the Democrats must be careful that they do not push Trump to take action in Asia. 

North Korean Update - Part 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One doubts that North Korea would be as stupid as to harm a plane or a ship in its ICBM test.   The interesting question is why North Korea has not had a nuclear test, has it got the message that a nuclear test could force the US to act, so far the Trump Oval has accepted that North Korea has a ICBM capability, the red line would be if North Korea could place a small nuclear warhead on the ICBM.   One can assume China has made it clear that a nuclear test would be a step to far even for them, they do not want a War in Asia, as radiation does not respect borders.   It can be postulated that the US will send more ships to Asia as a warning, the question is will North Korea understand the message. 

Another North Korean Nuclear Test - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THUS far the Trump Oval has done NOTHING since North Korea has developed a ICBM missile technology.  In of his infamous tweets, POTUS said this would never happen, well its happened twice under President Trump.   The US has two policy options, bomb North Korea or start talks with North Korea, a War between the US and North Korea, South Korea would be a blood bath, the North Koreans would level the South Korean Capital, killing hundreds of thousands and of course it could use it nuclear ability, on the other hand if the US started talks with North Korea it would accept a nuclear armed North Korea, that could push IRAN to get the bomb, thus more trouble in the Middle East.   Either option IS bad, how will the Trump Oval go, considering the political mess that the Trump White House is at the moment it is hard to judge.