Monday, December 12, 2016

President Trump vs. The Hill - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats are looking for ties between the Trump Campaign and the Russians, they are looking for another 1968 when Nixon got the South Vietnam Government to refuse to come to the Paris Peace talks that hoped to end the War in Vietnam.   The Democrats always think that the Republicans are up to something, they thought that the Reagan campaign was in talks with Iran to keep the Iran hostages in till the election.   There has never been any proof of such talks or agreement.   Of course the Hill should investigate any Russian hack, but the problem is that it becomes political fast, each side trying to damage the other side, while forgetting the point of the investigation.   One has doubts one will get a 100% answer to the Russian hacks, to misty and cloudy to ever get the truth.

Recount Process Part 13 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the recount process will not stop Donald Trump becoming President, the left and the Democrats/Greens must know hope that the electoral college will block Trump, good luck with that idea, that is fantasy land.  The left will just have to get over the fact that we are entering the Trump Era, an Era that will not be boring, will change the US, it has been a kick up the backside to D.C, one does wonder what the US voter has done to the US and the World.

President Trump on US intelligence - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Let us be objective about this story, the President - Elect does not want his election managed question, the Democrats want to undermine Trump at the start, and the Russians are just having a great laugh whatever they might or might not have done when it comes to hacking.   The question is why is Trump so supportive of Russia, he has support the Russians through out the campaign, does he have a policy objective that he wants to get when it comes to Russia or does see Russia as his friend, they have said nice things about him, it is all very cloudy, and the answer might never been know.