Sunday, December 04, 2016

Recount Process Part -7 - What PRIZE Democracy? - Trump Era

Let Get Real:

As also noted by this blog the taxpayer is expected to meet the demands of the Green Party, the question that has to be asked is WHY the Green Party has not paid up, it has collected millions, why will it not pay.   One is starting to think that the Trump was right, that it is a scam to make money for the Green Party without actually spending the money.  The taxpayer should not pay the costs, IF Hillary Clinton really thinks she has a chance she should put her money were her lawyers are, pay for the recount, one can sure rich liberals will pay up any request, the whole process makes the US look like a laughing stock.

Recount Process Part 6 - Pennsylvania

Lets Get Real:

THUS as noted in this blog that it would  happen, the recount process has moved to the federal court, who ever wins it will get appealed ALL the way to the US Supreme Court.   As that Supreme Court is tied between Liberals and Conservatives the last finding holds.  As a political geeks enjoys the process, the US voter might have other ideas.   One does wonder what Stein wants, does she want to ruin the system or is really looking for a real recount, that is for the reader to decide.