Thursday, December 08, 2016

The LAST chance for the US ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is very much the last chance to STOP Trump becoming President, it is what called a Hail Mary Pass, and the result, it will not work, liberals have to accept and concerned Conservatives also that Trump with be the next President of the United States.  One has to be fair to the Trump, he has saved jobs even before becoming President, that is more than President Obama can claim.   On foreign policy he will have a Cabinet of Generals, one might say top heavy in Generals, but as long as they keep US foreign policy on the road, that is the main thing, also external pressure on the Oval Office will start at once when Trump is President.  One can only hope that he wants to be become another Reagan and not another naive Obama.   IF Trump sets a red line in foreign policy he has to carry it through, the Obama reversal of policy when it came to his read line was a disaster for his Presidency and for the US as leader of the Western World.  One is crossing one fingers and hoping that Trump will be  a lucky and wise President.  

VP Biden on 2016 Presidential Election - Trump Era

The Hill: Reports " Vice President Biden on Thursday voiced disgust with the tone of the 2016 presidential campaign. "

Lets Get Real:

At a base level the 2016 Presidential Elections was the lowest the US has seen in years, it was ALL about the personality of the candidates, and how far down the toilet they would go, the Democrats went after Trump in the most horrid way, yes it can be argued they used his own words against him, but still, it was not about actual policy.   On the Republican side, the Trump got the base of the Republican to see HRC as a criminal who needed to be sent to jail, neither side smelled like roses.  The problem is that the US election cycle makes the politicians in D.C wary of crossing the base of the Party, as the base funds elections, thus actual government tends to lose its focus, the next election in the 2018 Mid terms, the pols in D.C are already looking forward to it and getting the cash in ready for another election fight.

Recount Process - Part 12 - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

IN less there something new that the Green's and Democrats can try in the legal field this recount process IS over.  Thus even this concerned Conservative will have to get used to a President Trump!  How BAD can it be, pretty bad, Trump has a very thin skin, he allows petty things to upset him, then goes to Twitter to start a War of Words.    As POTUS Trump will have to control himself, it's not going to be boring, the White House will become interesting again, the press will NOT fawn over President Trump, there will be no Nobel Prize for doing nothing, politics will be back to normal, of course that depends if you think US politics is normal, the election of Trump might have thrown that out of the window.

Trump and the Trade Union Boss - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

PLEASE, will someone take away the President-Elect's cell from him, as President in January HE can not have these fights with individuals, there will be REAL threats to the US from the Middle East; Daesh in Syria, Eastern Europe; Putin and Russia, Asia; China's land and sea takeover in Asia.   Once in the Oval Office President Trump can not allow these personal fights to take up his day, thus the importance of finding a good Secretary of State, someone who does not outshine the boss but give structure to Trump Foreign Policy.  TAKE AWAY THE CELL.