Thursday, August 31, 2017

The END to DACA - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In essence DACA allows illegal immigrants who were bought to the US when young to stay in the US.  This has been a personal thorny issue the President has stated in the past.  One hopes that any new policy allows these innocent immigrants to stay, one does not want to see them thrown out of the US.   If Trump decides to throw them out, all hell will break lose, the Democrats will be very angry on the Hill, the US Courts will be very busy with law suites. One can only hope that this is a ploy by Trump to get his WALL built, he will allow DACA immigrants to stay as long as the Congress gives him the money to build his Wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

The North Korean Soldiers are not being feed - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The North Korean Regime is even starving its own troops as to fund its nuclear ambition, what if the TALK about the large North Korean Army is just that TALK, what if the West takes action, one can postulate that the North Korean Army will fold faster than the Iraqi Army did in the 1st Gulf War.  If they are starving they will not be able to fight a strong US attack.  The US should blockade North Korea and STOP anything going in, and that means anything, starve the North Korean Regime.  This will sound HARSH to liberals, and watchers of BBC News and readers of the Guardian.   It just might work, the Soldiers might revolt and we could see a coup in North Korea and the end of the present Regime. 

No Progress in EU talks - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should walk away from the EU talks, declare that the EU is hopeless and that it will not pay any ransoms, force those remainers to vote to give billions to the EU.   One can see a few fanatical ideological EU supporters willing to finish their political careers, but on the whole those with a brain cell with support giving the money to the NHS over the EU.   The left press, that being BBC News will try to make out that the UK is at fault, they seem to think they are working for the EU not the British Tax payer. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Trump on North Korean Missile Launch - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:
The Trump Oval should seek allies to blockade North Korea, only allow food stuffs and other such material in to North Korea, prevent the NK regime from selling its WMD to the highest bidder.   This would be a risky move by Trump, it could lead to a War in Asia, all the other options have been tried and have failed, it is time for the OVAL OFFICE to get tough with North Korea, also Trump should make it clear to North Korea that any threat to South Korea or Japan would lead to military action by the US.  The above is fraught with peril.

North Korea Missile Launch - Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Oval should get Japan to request that the US gives it the bomb, this would put the gear of God in to North Korea and China.   The US should be very clear with China, get North Korea to behave or Japan goes nuclear.  The one thing China does not want is to see a ancient enemy with the bomb, this might force them to closed down the North Korean Regime.  Of course the Japanese people might have  a problem with the bomb after 1945, but this is a new era, Imperial Japan can not have North Korea with the bomb, it is a threat to its national security and air space.   The North Korean Regime has to be stopped. 

Missile Launch by North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Oval has a problem, its rhetoric has been tough over North Korea, this latest missile launch is a problem, the US is not going to war over a failed missile launch, if it was that, depends if North Korea wanted it to break up after flying over Japan, might be a test for Guam.   Thus the Trump Oval has to make it clear, any attack on Japan or other US allies is a threat to the US national security.  The Oval would go to war should North Korea ever hit a US ally.   The NK Regime will be happy with the news cycle, the launch has top place after the hurricane disaster that has hit Texas.  It will be interesting to see the US reaction over the next few hours. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

HRC on the Creep President - Post 2016 Election

Lets Get Real: 

It is interesting to speculate if HRC had called President Trump a creep at the debates she could be President of the United States now, not Trump, the US wants strong leaders, not people that will just take on the chin and not react, Ronald Reagan was Presidential when compared to Jimmy Carter who was going through the Iran hostage crisis, he acted and looked OLD on the TV.  By comparison Reagan who was older looked young and ready to be President.   When you think of the modern Era, JFK and Reagan did not need the Presidency to look Presidential.

The Remainers vs. Brexit Supporters - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

It seems even Guardian writers understand the problem faced by remainers, how come the London Elite from the BBC to the Guardian do not understand Democracy.  Every story turns in to an attack on those that wished to leave the EU.   Talks with the EU as seen as the Government back tracking, any measured discussion is seen as a victory for the remainers. The Elite of London have to understand in a old concept, its called Democracy, they LOST. No wonder people do not have faith in Democracy, would you trust the London Elite with your vote.   The London Elite does not understand the working class, the Labour Party does not understand how it was born, hard working people, not the Luvies of the Notting Hill crowd. 

UK will decide UK Law not the EU - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The point of 2019 is the fact that the UK will be out of the EU, it will be down to EU Judges to decide UK law, they will be aware of EU judgements but they do not have to follow them. The real sticking point will be how much money the EU can swideal out of the UK as to allow for a trade deal, IF we have to pay its should be in the LOW MILLIONS, not BILLIONS.  The Remainers will try to block every move, the May Government will need good whips to control the Conservative MPs.   The Labour Party also has problems, Corbyn just wants to leave, that can be seen, but he has backbenchers who want to remain, thus problems for both sides when Parliament returns. 

Hillary Clinton calls POTUS a Creep - The Post 2016 Debate

Lets Get Real:

There is far to easy a joke to this comment by Hillary Clinton, it's called Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, before HRC starts on the President,  there is ANOTHER man she should have  a go at, that is Bill Clinton, the behaviour of Bill Clinton in the late 1990s allowed for Donald Trump.  The argument used by the Clinton team in the 1990s was that the personal behaviour of Bill Clinton did not affect his actions as President.   Thus the Trump Team argued that Trump was a deal maker, and his personal vices did not matter, thus the US voter had taken the lesson of the Clinton team to heart, if you overlook his personal problems, Bill Clinton was a good President, and could have been a great President, he  bought the US out of recession, he solved the the War in Bosnia, and came close to getting a Middle East Peace deal, but his personal failings made sure that his Vice - President, Al Gore did not win the 2000 Election.  Thus in away he helped in the election of Donald Trump. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Other Threat North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

If the one thing that President Trump does not want to hear is the fact that North Korea is working in a relationship with Syria, either side could fund terrorists for hard dollars, and Daesh could become a even bigger threat, what is they go their hands on WMD, every European Country would come under threat, even the US.   The US and its Allies should consider a Cuba like blockade of North Korea, to prevent WMD transfers between the two Countries and other terrorists bodies.   It would not surprise this blogger if terrorists go their hands on WMD, it's in the interest of North Korea or Syria to sell the stuff, as they earn money and place the West on the backfoot.  The clock is closer to Midnight than most people want to see or understand. 

How modern was Afghanistan ? - Afghanistan Update 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

So it took mini - skirts to persuade to Trump to commit to the Afghanistan War, it was worth a try, everything else has been tried in Afghanistan.   The USSR tried to make Afghanistan secular, and when they left it fell apart and thus the Taliban came to power.  They returned Afghanistan back to YEAR 0.  The War in Afghanistan is endless, it's a war to test the minds of military thinkers, everything has been tried and failed at different levels, at present the Government in Kabul just holds 50% of the Country, while the rest is under the rule of the terrorists, take your pick on that one, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Daesh.  It is reported that Iran is helping the terrorists, the Trump Administration has to close this down and fast, or it will have the same problem they had in Iraq.  The US has to take and hold areas and teach the Afghan Forces to hold them by themselves.   This is going to be a long WAR. 

Afghanistan on Trump Strategy - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It will be interesting to see what the US main street thinks of this idea, the Afghan War is the longest in US history, the question is will the Trump Oval have the guts to place more than a just a few thousand in Afghanistan, if you are going to win you have to go 100%, Obama increased the troop level but then told the enemy when the US would leave, BAD strategy, at the end of the day we the British, the USSR failed in Afghanistan, everything has been tried, going for broke might just do it, depends how the US Congress reacts, how will Democrats react, they have found their hawk side over Russia, what about Afghanistan. 

Trump on Afghanistan, Update - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In this short speech President Trump showed that he had learned to listen to his Generals when it comes to Afghanistan.  POTUS wants to win the WAR in Afghanistan, the previous Obama Administration increased troops in Afghanistan but told the enemy when the would leave, you do not have to be Alexander the Great to work out that was a bad strategy.  This blog opposes the move of more troops for Afghanistan, but lets see if this new strategy works, POTUS did not say how many new troops would be going or how long they would stay, that is a good idea, now the terrorists will not know US strategy in Afghanistan. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

President Trump and Afghanistan - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It would be a BAD idea for POTUS to increase US troops in Afghanistan, the place is a graveyard of Empires, in its day the British Empire mades losses, in the 20th Century the USSR invasion of Afghanistan was one of the reasons that it fell.  The US should contract out any action to private companies, give them a simple job, make Afghanistan stable, and do what they have to win.   The US main street will not be happy, they see billions being spent on Wars abroad while the structure of the US bridges and buildings is on the decline, it can be argued that one of the reasons that Trump won in 2016 was his policy of taking troops out of Afghanistan.  One wonders what the US Congress will make of this move. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Latest Terror Attack in Spain - Barcelona Update

Lets Get Real:

The attacked has been claimed by Daesh, this is the result of the US and Iraq winning in Iraq, and US allies taking the fight to Daesh in it's Capital in Syria.   It can be expected that Daesh will try to cause havoc in the West as to counter the success of the West in the Middle East.   It is open question if the attack came directly from Daesh or its a lone wolf or wolfs who have become supporters through the internet. The US and Europe should be on guard, there will be more terrorist attacks, the left will try to blame Trump, what ever else Trump is he has pushed Daesh hard in the Middle East, there has been no let up since the Obama Administration.  With North Korea and the Daesh the Oval should have a full desk, but this being Trump he has gone bonkers, the Washington D.C Elite Establishment has come out against him over the tragic events in Virginia, while Trump has come out in the defence of Confederate Statues, the US has bigger problems, Trump should grow up, or least say nothing that damages US race relationships in the US.   Interesting days ahead!!

Trump and Confederate Statues - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One would think that POTUS would be hiding in the Oval Office at this moment in time, of course he is not, he is back to his infamous tweets and is not helping the matter at all.  As a WHITE blogger it is hard to understand why the Confederate Statues are causing this much fuzz, on the other hand if your a African - American you must see the Statues as honouring a course that enslaved your ancestors, it would be offencive to black Americans.  If the statues were placed on a museum and explained in their context that would be a better solutions, with pics of slaves being held in the South in the 19th Century, how the Southern economy was based on slavery.   Or as they have done in India, they have placed Imperial Statues in the Parks were the weeds are taking over, they do not have to face their past of being the Jewel in the Crown, also we need a trade deal with the modern India.   After the break up of the USS the old USSR monuments were torn down and discarded, this has caused friction between Modern Russia and its former Satellite Countries   This is interesting as modern Russia manages to have it both ways, the last Tsar Nicholas 11 is now admired in Russia, but they also keep Lenin in Red Square, no wonder Russians drink a lot, two different icons celebrated at the same time and representing different agendas, one does not see Nicholas 11 sharing a tea with Lenin in heaven.   The US must deal with the issue of race, the drugs in the inner cities, the violence, how African - Americans tend to be jailed more than white defendants, African - Americans have real problems today, some of that is based on the fact that Blacks did not get their full rights in till the 1960s under LBJ.  A President must be President of ALL the people, Trump is fast becoming a President of his base, and its only been six months. 

The Trump White House and Race - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Elite liberal press have to careful that they are not being played, this could be a strategic move by the Trump White House to keeps moderates in the Trump base happy, also it pushes the left NEVER to be happy, they have never accepted a Trump Presidency.   This blog has made it clear its views on POTUS and Race, the left has to be careful that their constant critical view turns off moderate white voters, the left think and lets be honest, you are the following if your a Conservative, of course you are " racist, anti green, wont pay tax to help the poor, anti gay, etc " of course its rubbish and there only so much self hate the TV viewer can take, one starts to feel sorry for Trump, and that should NEVER be the case, the man has sexist views on women, and needs a course on race relations in the US.   The left must not over play its hand, so far the usual Republican critics of Trump have come out, the base and most Republicans are keeping their heads, down, the left has to learn to play politics, they should have a talk with Francis Underwood, President Underwood has his faults, but he understands politics. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Class of President Obama when compared to Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In the tweet President Obama quotes Nelson Mandela on race, the views should have been those that President Trump should have used the first time when he reacted to the tragic events in Virginia, the former President speaks for all those can not stand racism or any other form of hatred, from religion to gender.  The question is WHAT NEXT, will the issue go away, for a time, yes, there is always North Korea or tax cuts a major part of the Trump Agenda.  Race is and will always be a flashpoint in US culture and politics, that was one of the failures of the Obama Administration, the first African - American President could not resolve an issue that is a tragic aspect of modern America. 

Donald Trump on Race in the US - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Republican Leadership should tell President Trump to resign or he will be impeached.  The VP, Mike Pence then could take over and try to repair the damage that Trump has done to race relationship in the US, under President Obama the first African - American President, who tried to be President of ALL the people, one would think that Obama would have handled this tragic mess in a better manner.   It is really time to tell the base it's OVER, and that Trump was not fit to be President.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Left Wing Guardian and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

IF the left wing Guardian is having a go at, it must be alright, there will need to be a transition period, one would not expect World trade to stop because the UK has left the EU.   The question is how LONG, it should be a few years,  there needs to be an end date, it can not be used to keep the UK in the EU.   Also the UK should not pay a farthing to the EU, as stated they need us more than we need them, the EU Countries will know be dominated by the Germans and their Bank.   The Kaiser would have loved the idea.

The UK post Brexit - UK and the EU Talks

Lets Get Real:

The EU should be grateful that we are offering them such a good deal, they export more to the UK than we export to the EU.   The EU has to learn that the gravy days of the UK paying billions to the EU is OVER, the remainers have to get the FACT that we are out of the EU. The act as if they are the elite, what they think is more important than what the people voted for in 2016.   As to giving cash to the EU, this blog is totally opposed, they owe us, we have given them billions over the years and for what, nothing much but bent bananas.   This is the time for the UK to stand up for itself, the EU needs us more than we need the EU. 

North Korea BLINKS - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This blog was right, North Korea blinked, if you think CNN or BBC News will praise President Trump for his rhetoric then you are wrong or very naive, the tough language from POTUS put the fear of God in to the North Koreans.    The liberal elite will argue that NK is less crazy than Trump.   The interesting question will come when the US and South have their joint military training, will NK react to this development. The North Koreans have paid a heavy price for their ICBM's launches, one does wonder what kind of private pressure China placed on NK.   The heat will go away from the NK crisis for now, when will it return is any ones guess. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another ICBM Test by North Korea ? - North Korean Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The North Korean Government would be crazy to try another launch, with Trump at home in political difficulty it would be a way for Trump to change the subject, if they launch a missile at Guam, all bets are off.   This blog is still keeping to the view that the CRISIS is over, there are sane Generals around Trump, while in North Korea one assumes Kim Jong - un wants to remain leader of North Korea.  Thus we are at the end of the sniping, North Korea will back down while in the US Trump should be quiet and keeps his attention on twitter. 

South Korea on North Korea Crisis - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One can postulate that North Korea will find a reason not to launch missiles at Guam, and that they two sides will just go on sniping at each other, from news reports we have learned that US and North Korea have had secret talks, one can only hope that the US made it clear that any missile launch or a nuclear test would be a red for the Trump Oval.   In other words the crisis is OVER for now, of course this blog could be wrong, very wrong, but it has doubts.  The US will have its finger on the trigger should North Korea go MAD, but even the North Korean leadership is not bat out crazy. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Russian and Chinese Plan for North Korean Crisis - NK Update 4 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real: 

The US has rejected this plan, it would be seen as a victory for North Korea and a defeat for President Trump.   Also this is not 1962, when JFK sold out Turkey over the Cuban Missile Crisis.  If the US and South Korean Army training does not take place it will be seen as the Trump Oval blinking when faced by a nuclear North Korea.   The Russians just want to be in the game, while China just wishes it would all go away.   The North Koreans have to blink first and China has to make sure that they do that, or if a nuclear war does happen then radiation will go over the border of China.   The clock is ticking!!

The Reality and the Rhetoric of the North Korean Crisis, NK Update 3 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is not the crunch time, that will come should NK launch missiles at Guam, one can only hope that NK decides that the best path is to delay such an operation and offer talks to the US, of course the NK Regime will spin it as  a victory for them, the rest of the World will know that NK blinked first.   The problem would also come up should NK place conditions on those talks, that the planned US and South Korean Army training does not take place this year, that the US can not do, it would look like weakness, and a win for NK.   The Trump Oval can not afford to look weak when faced by North Korea and China. 

China on North Korea and the US - North Korea Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is an enigmatic statement from China, what if North Korea launches missiles at Guam, and the Trump Oval sees that as an attack after it warned NK.  This places China is a tight spot, does it support its ally while it gets attacked or does it do nothing, does the Trump Oval do a deal with China, it takes action against NK and as long as NK does not hit South Korea or Japan it will be a limited strike.   Thus the question how much control does China have over NK, it has been said that it could turn off the lights of NK if it wanted too, the question is that true.

Trump the Cowboy vs. Crazy North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The inner Cowboy is coming out of President Trump, one can only hope that his Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary can control him, the real crunch time will come should NK launch missiles at the waters of Guam.  In that event no President could not react, it would be a direct threat to the US, one can only hope and pray that China can control NK.  THE rhetoric is heated, one can only hope that there are back channel talks going on between, China, North Korea and the US.  The clock to nuclear war is ticking down, Asia could become very hot very fast. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

New York Times and How to Appease - North Korean Crisis Update 4 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is typical of the US / UK mainstream press and TV, in the past the UBER liberal  NYT covered for Stalin, if the NYT editorial board had run US foreign policy the Berlin Wall would be still be up, the Liberals NEVER want to fight for America, they just want to defend the other nation, very much like the BBC at times.   Sometimes you have to FIGHT, this is not a post arguing for War with North Korea, quite the reverse, but there are limits, one hopes that NK will back down and not launch missiles at Guam, but what if they DO.   Then the Trump Oval would have to do something, otherwise the US will look wean when faced by North Korea, also could US allies trust that the US would come to protect them if the US is seen as weak with North Korea.   Think Russia, Iran, you get the idea, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be aggressive.   Democracy has to be protected, otherwise it dies. 

North Korea on Guam - North Korea Crisis Update 3 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One can assume that US Intelligence will have its ears and eyes open to any North Korean launch, the question is will POTUS hit the missiles before they are launched, that of course could lead to a regional war, or hit the missiles in flight, that could lead to a regional war, take no action and face Impeachment from the very same people who are critical of him now, not great choices for any President.   Of course this could be all rhetoric from NK, that causes a problem for NK, what if they do not launch, they will be seen as all bluster and no sabre.   Thus the sides have to be careful they do not box themselves in to a corner, who will blink first. 

North Korea on Trump - North Korea Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The present North Korean Crisis could go two ways, in the past when the region has gone hot the US and North Korea talk and find ways to kick the ball in to the future, the next option is not good, North Korean Elite get CNN, BBC News and might think that the US would never act if it hit the waters around Guam, this would be a mistake, a US President would have to react, think JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, a US President can not afford to have the US under threat from North Korea.   Thus next step, should NK launch missiles, one can expect that either Japan or the US will shoot down the missiles.  The next question is what will NK do should its missiles be shot down, that is an open question, if they have a brain they should do nothing, the next fews shall be interesting. 

Will North Korea Attack Guam ? - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One can only that North Korea is using hot rhetoric in its war of words with the US, IF NK did launch missiles at the waters around Guam a US President would have to react, otherwise he would be impeached or lose re-election.  The mainstream media is not helping, CNN, BBC News make North Korea and the US equal, their dislike of Trump shines through, this might send the wrong message to NK, they might chance, throw missiles at the waters around Guam and dare the US to react.   The North Korean Crisis could be WORSE than the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.  POTUS is not JFK, he can not sell out Turkey, in this case it would be South Korea or Japan. 

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

North Korea and Sanctions - Update 3 - North Korean Crisis

The Washington Post: Reports the following on the UN sanctions of North Korea, " North Korea exploits illicit supply networks, individual states don’t implement sanctions fully and private-sector firms can often undermine them..."

Lets Get Real:

There are only so many times the UN and the US can go for sanctions, sooner or later, and the Trump Oval hopes later someone in the Oval Office will have to take action, the threat of North Korea is unnerving South Korea and Japan, and in many respects China, if NK falls apart there will be millions of refugees coming in to China.   The World has to be united against NK or we are heading for a NUCLEAR WAR in ASIA,  and radiation does not care about borders.  The World waits, who will blink first. 

North Korean Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

IF the UN sanctions on North Korea do not work then the World has a major problem on its hands, it would only take for NK to test another nuclear device that could be placed on a missile for the US to attack, the Trump Administration will never allow North Korea to become a major threat to the US, it would cost Trump re-election in 2020.  The Trump Oval should get Japan to ask for the bomb from the US, then this could be used as a bargain chip with North Korea, rid itself of nuclear aims, bombs and ICBM's, on the ground inspection, and tough sanctions would only be removed over time, and Japan would delay getting the bomb.  The clock to Midnight is coming!!

North Korea Update - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The US has to get Japan to go nuclear, the North Koreans need to understand if they carry on with their nuclear ability they will seen an ancient enemy with the bomb, and their bomb will come from the US.   One can postulate that North Korea wants direct talks with the US, the problem with that idea is that North Korean has broken its word before, and the US and the West want NK to give up any nuclear aims, this is will be seen as surrender by the NK regime, but they control the ALL the press in NK, they could spin it as a win for NK if they wanted too.   The question is how far will NK push their aims, if they go too far we could see a major nuclear war in Asia. 

Monday, August 07, 2017

North Korea's THREAT to the US - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THUS more hot hair out of North Korea, the NK regime we hope is not MAD, any military attack on the US would lead to the total destruction of NK, one only hopes that China gets that fact and can place real pressure on NK.   The real crunch point will come should NK try another nuclear test to check if it can place a small nuclear warhead on top of its ICBM, then the US might take action, thus far both the US and the NK are spouting HOT AIR, let us all hope that is all they do in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Young are THICK, Stuck on Smartphones, and have the Intelligence of a Dodo!

Lets Get Real:

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats is WRONG, well that is not new for the LibDems, they have returned to their favourite place, a pressure group, next they will want to go and live France as it in the EU.   The argument by Cable seems to say  that us older voters matter less than young voters, this of course would have nothing to do with the fact that the base of the Liberal Democrats is naive students who could not find their lecture hall without a smartphone, a left wing elite who can not make up their mind.  They YOUNG are THICK, they have this naive view that the elite is right, while the rest of us are poor voters who do not understand.  This blog is calling for national service for modern youngsters, make them do SOME REAL WORK, or some fighting.   It can be argued that the Young should not get the vote in till their 21 or are doing a real job, and software design does not cut it, job in the mines for a few weeks, street cleaner, so they see how the other half live.   If they young have been shafted it is about time, get them in to the real world, Uni does not last forever, the real world is REAL. 

Are we going to pay 36 Billion pounds to the EU ? - Post EU

Lets Get Real: 

This trial balloon by the elite has been show down, the very idea that the UK should pay anything to the EU is silly, what has the EU ever done for us, place restrictions on UK Industry, tell what we can fish in our own waters, and we also send them billions, ANY UK Government would be out of power within a week if it asked the UK Voter to pay 36 billion.   The EU is demanding this then the UK should walk away, there loss, the UK voter has voted, end of subject. 

The UK held to ransom by the EU - UK Betrayed if we PAY

Lets Get Real:

The UK is being to ransom by the EU, the fact that we are willing to give them 36 billion pounds just to get  a trade agreement shows that the EU is just after money for itself.  The UK voter would prefer that the billion did not go to the EU but to the NHS.  The UK Government should walk away from the EU, they can ask the Germans or the French to pay the debt, they want to stay in the EU, well its costs, and the UK is out in 2019.   If you're reading this post write or email to your MP and demand they oppose any sum, it does not matter if they are Conservative or Labour, the UK Elite has to get the fact that we want out of the EU.  The elite think they know better, the voters in 2016 knew what they voted for, it is simple, OUT OF THE EU, no ties to any Courts.  The MPs should listen to democracy. 

UN sanctions on North Korea - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It can be argued that China has lost face when it comes to North Korea, the tail, e.g, NK is leading the head, China around and around.  The Chinese Government must make a choice, either support North Korea and lead Asia into a nuclear War, or topple the Government in North Korea.  The critical point will come should North Korea test a small nuclear device that can be placed on its ICBM, then one can see the Trump Oval taking action, does China want to wait for such an incident.   The West has to place pressure  on China to ACT, not just be seen to ACT, the clocking is ticking for WAR. 

Friday, August 04, 2017

Why Grand Jury is a THREAT to POTUS - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is the kind legal process that can catch those that think they are more clever than the lawyers, in this case it would be POTUS.   As the article notes a President can be forced to give evidence to a Grand Jury, one can see POTUS thinking he knows more than the lawyer and the general public of the Grand Jury and getting caught out by the special prosecutor. If Trumps is going to sack the SP he should do it now, otherwise we are in to Watergate territory.  Thus years of Congressional and Legal cases, the US voter wants his/her problems solved not another D.C crisis.

The HEAT on the Trump White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

IF POTUS is going to end the Russian investigation this is the time, he could move AG Sessions from Justice to Homeland Security, as he has made General Kelly his Chief of Staff.   Then during the August recess he could appoint his own AG and that AG could fire the Deputy AG and the Special Prosecutor.   Of course the Democrats will call for impeachment, this will be backed by the liberal press, if the Republican base stays with Trump it will be hard for Hill Republicans to follow the mainstream press view, thus this is the perfect time for action by POTUS if he wants to take action. 

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Trumps BLAMES US Congress for Russian Relationship - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The above shows why the US should not elect a non politician to be POTUS, the Trump Oval is dishing the US Congress, the very same branch that it wants to pass a reformed health care, while not being critical of Putin's Russia.   There are only two options, either Trump is a egomaniac who sees the same kind of ego in Putin or the FSB has something on Trump.  The Republicans in Congress will be even less eager to help their President after this comment.   The Russian Bear must be laughing its backside off, they have their man in the Oval Office. 

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Trump and Russia - Update 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The impression that Trump gives is that the Russian FSB has something on him, he carries so much water for Putin's Russia he should be called Comrade Trump.   IF Trump was Nixon then one could see these moves as attempts to form a better relationship with Russia, but Trump is no Richard Nixon, he is that that devious or clever.  No US President has carried this much political arrows for Russia, so what next in the Russian investigation, will Congress find a real smoking gun that shows that Russia worked with Trump, thus far it has gotten close with Trump Junior email release, but that is not enough, they need to show that either Trump or Russia did something as a plan, thus far they have nothing.    This investigation could last YEARS.

Trump and Russia - New US Sanctions

Lets Get Real:

On the whole most US Presidents would be fine with sanctions on Russia, Reagan even joked once that he  had outlawed the USSR and the US would be bombing, it was a sound test for a speech he was going to make, while Trump is seen as carrying water for Putin's Russia.  It has been said that the Democrats have found their inner Reagan, they almost sound like the want WAR with Russia over HRC losing in 2016.   It shows how political the issue has become, while Republicans base has gotten over its view of Russia as a threat, except those that were never Trump in the first place.   The Trump Oval has to get the fact that Putin's Russia is a THREAT to the US national security, and a threat to NATO.  Either Russia has something on Trump, if so the US Congress must find out or the Special Prosecutor could discover something.  If there is no there, there, then Trump has to learn a lesson, that most recent US Presidents have found, they can NOT TRUST President Putin of Russia.