Tuesday, August 08, 2017

North Korea and Sanctions - Update 3 - North Korean Crisis

The Washington Post: Reports the following on the UN sanctions of North Korea, " North Korea exploits illicit supply networks, individual states don’t implement sanctions fully and private-sector firms can often undermine them..."

Lets Get Real:

There are only so many times the UN and the US can go for sanctions, sooner or later, and the Trump Oval hopes later someone in the Oval Office will have to take action, the threat of North Korea is unnerving South Korea and Japan, and in many respects China, if NK falls apart there will be millions of refugees coming in to China.   The World has to be united against NK or we are heading for a NUCLEAR WAR in ASIA,  and radiation does not care about borders.  The World waits, who will blink first. 

North Korean Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

IF the UN sanctions on North Korea do not work then the World has a major problem on its hands, it would only take for NK to test another nuclear device that could be placed on a missile for the US to attack, the Trump Administration will never allow North Korea to become a major threat to the US, it would cost Trump re-election in 2020.  The Trump Oval should get Japan to ask for the bomb from the US, then this could be used as a bargain chip with North Korea, rid itself of nuclear aims, bombs and ICBM's, on the ground inspection, and tough sanctions would only be removed over time, and Japan would delay getting the bomb.  The clock to Midnight is coming!!

North Korea Update - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The US has to get Japan to go nuclear, the North Koreans need to understand if they carry on with their nuclear ability they will seen an ancient enemy with the bomb, and their bomb will come from the US.   One can postulate that North Korea wants direct talks with the US, the problem with that idea is that North Korean has broken its word before, and the US and the West want NK to give up any nuclear aims, this is will be seen as surrender by the NK regime, but they control the ALL the press in NK, they could spin it as a win for NK if they wanted too.   The question is how far will NK push their aims, if they go too far we could see a major nuclear war in Asia.