Sunday, May 21, 2017

New North Korean Test - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The North Koreans it seems have dismissed the concerns of their big ally China, they are carrying on with their missile tests, the question is how long before they can place a nuclear warhead on top of a missile.   The North Koreans Regime watches the news, it sees that Trump is in BIG TROUBLE at home when it comes to Russia, thus if feels it has a free hand to act, as the Trump Oval now faces a Special Prosecutor it will be harder for Trump to act, any actions will be seen as being used to divert attention from the problem, thus internal US problems will have major effects on US Foreign Policy.   As an example Watergate overshadowed the War in South Vietnam in the 1970s.

New Poll - Labour increase Support - Campaign Trail 44 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

ONLY a 9 point lead for the Conservatives, the Labour manifesto was more successful than the Conservative one, the Labour promise to keep the old age benefits has hit Tory support. The Conservative Party needs to regroup, it should stress that the care reforms are only ideas and that the Conservative Government IF elected would listen to its MPs.   If you are running the election campaign for the Tories you have to stress that the rich are the only ones that will be means tested, in fact poorer OAP's will get more money.   Also stress that Labour wants tax hikes, and the Middle Class would be hit, thus the Party has to stress that Corbyn will not defend the UK, as PM his orders would be followed by our nuclear fleet should a WAR break out, he will not defend the UK by giving the order to launch.   The Conservatives have to hit CORBYN hard. 

Extremis - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

This blog is always honest when it comes to Doctor Who, it watched it after a night out, thus what a baffling episode, IT seem to be two stories in one, how people are just a computer games and are not real and that Missy ( Master ) is in the vault.  This blog will have to watch the show again, because at the end the only thought that came to mind was WTF.  If we are all the dream of a mighty being that being needs a shrink!!


Advice never watch the Doctor when drunk, drink muddles the mind, in essence we got the story of how Missy ended up in the vault, the Doctor would never kill Missy ( He has had many chances over the years, and River would not be happy) Then we got the heart of the story, the Doctor was sent an email, this lead to Rome, the Oval Office, CERN, ( spoilers ) it was great seeing the actors get the fact that they were not real, but even when not real the Doctor is still a threat, good old email.   This was the first part of three, what do next, watch when drunk or wait for Sunday and a great treat of Doctor Who.  ONE does hope that Bill does not leave after the Doctor's regeneration.   This has been a great season, people out there stop watching bloody reality shows, grow up and watch Doctor Who.