Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump and his Business Assets - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THIS is going to be interesting, how does the President Elect distance himself from his Trump Business, while being President of the United States, does he leave his business to his children, is that really a blind trust.   Does he sell his business, if he did that people would be asking why are they being bought at such a high price, it will be seen as an attempt to gain friendship with the new President.   This is going to be complex and in the weeds when it comes to the law.

President Obama on Trump Victory - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THE main legacy of President Obama is that on January 20th his successor will be Donald Trump, the Obama legacy is on the chopping block, one can say ObamaCare is a goner, the Iran nuclear deal will be goner in less it can be proven to work in the real World.   The failure of the Obama legacy when it comes to Foreign Affairs is show with the disaster that is Syria and Iraq, the growth of Daesh in the Middle East and through Europe.   The failed State of Libya is a result of US military action to get rid of Gaddafi, also the death of the US Ambassador to Libya in 2012.   The War on Terror will become a real war under Trump, those Drones will be in constant action, also Special Forces.   Then we come to Afghanistan, the US has been in Afghanistan for over 16 years and the fight looks like it will carry on, so in the end what has President Obama achieved, not a lot to be honest, he is the first African - American to get elected to the Oval Office, that is a noble achievement in itself.

The CIA vs President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is the Obama Administration trying to stop future action by a Trump Administration when it comes to Iran, it is already trying to push business interests to make deals with Iran, the Oval is running against the clock.  In the case of Iran the Oval under Trump should listen to what Israel and Mossad says, this blog would take their word when it comes to Iran.   It is without doubt that Iran is cheating, they sign deals then do their own thing, they ran the clock out with President Obama, now they face a tougher Oval Office, let's see what they offer to keep the deal in place.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Democrats and the Recount Process - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

IF the Democrats starting with President Obama on down has put so much effort in to 2016 as those requesting a recount we might have had a different result.  IF the recounts fail, and they are expected to fail then the Democratic Party needs a new Bill Clinton, someone who can reach white working class voters, they seem to vote as political block, as with the case with African - Americans, otherwise the electoral college result might become more common.   The fly over States are not going up their power to the East and West coast, it should be noted that HRC did not visit Wisconsin after the Democratic convention, that might be a reason she lost, Trump was always going to rallies in rust belt States.

Recounts and then a Trump Presidency

Lets Get Real:

The real problem for the Democratic Party is that Obama base only came out for him, he could not transfer his popular support to HRC.   The question is what was different from the Obama approach and the Reagan method, President Reagan knew that his legacy would be under threat of the Democrats got in to power and thus made sure his Administration was supporting Bush 41, it could be that Reagan was better connector to the public that President Obama.    That will send Democrats in to a tail spin, the Liberal Reagan could not hack it when it came to the base of the Party.  Let's recall this blog is only supporting HRC because otherwise its Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and the Recount - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

EVEN the media elite are questioning the decision of the Clinton Campaign to sign itself on to the recount request.  There is talk that HRC wants to run in 2020, one has to ask can you be a two time loser and still have a base for a third run, however bad the Donald is as a President, he will be a sitting President with Air Force One.   Since Ronald Reagan only Bush 41 has lost a re-election bid, it is not that easy in the election cycle to finish off a Presidency , of course the Donald might not run he will be around 74, while HRC will be 73, there must be younger candidates for the Oval in 2020.

Hillary Clinton and the Recounts - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

There is always a chance that a few votes could have been miss placed or read for the wrong candidate, the left on this issue should fund a total recount of ALL three States, then if the result is the same there can be no cry of foul.   Of course Donald Trump would be up in arms, he stated in recent tweet that if illegal voters had been removed from the popular vote he would have won that too, sometimes the Donald does not know when to be quiet. The very thought of Donald Trump in the Oval Office on January 20th should be a nightmare to ALL people. let democracy show us the total and real results.

Price for US Health Secretary - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

IF the recounts in three States do not turn around the victory of Donald Trump then the first thing that a President Trump should do is get rid of ObamaCare,  it will destroy the US economy in the long term and if the the Democrats are sane, that is open to question then they will not oppose the move, otherwise the will be left to defend ObamaCare when it start its spiral to death, in other words to last it will need more money from the tax payer.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Pennsylvania Recount - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

The voter must be wondering why this blog is spending so much time on three races that seem to be OVER, the recounts it seems will not change the result, but will bring unity to the Democratic base, they have fought the good fight, gone that extra yard to show how much the do not want Trump in the White House.  One can not say for a 100% that the recounts will not change the outcome, but it is a worthy effort, better to be a sore loser than loser that never tried.

Donald Trump on the Popular Vote - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Donald really is sometimes his own worse enemy, by the above view he should be asking for  Nation wide recount, he is winning, just keep quite Donald, the left will have its 5 minutes in the spotlight then Donald Trump as the President - Elect can form his Administration, one you pander to the left they will start to ask for recounts ALL over the place, no system is perfect, but as someone once said, Democracy is still the best option.

Pennsylvania - Recount Requested - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

Each State has its own rules, the biggest problem for Jill Stein will be Michigan, in that State the winner can object to the recount, this means a move to the Courts.   Of course the hard deadline is 13 December, any recount has to be done by then, the Courts can not overturn that Federal law.   Of course as stated by this blog we could see the decision thrown into the Court system, each State has different rules and voting machines.   If your a political junkie and no fan of the Trump you're loving this, while of course the Trum is forming his Administration.

Wisconsin Recount - Thursday - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The recount will start on Thursday, they States have in till December 13th to finish them before the electoral college meets to vote for the new President.   This would be a field day for the lawyers, and one would not be surprised to see it head to the Courts as it did 2000 Election.  The Democrats have to be careful that they do not come across a sore losers or nuts, this would be bad for the Democratic Party.   On the other hand the last throw of the dice is worth a try, you never know.

Trump on Recounts - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

Thus the Trump campaign is now raising money to fight the recounts, could they be worried that the HRC Campaign is on to something.   It should be an interesting week, the recounts could take weeks.   Who wants to be that these recounts will end up in the Courts.   The process could even end up in the House of Representatives, of course if that happens then Trump wins, thus one does wonder why the Left and HRC are doing, is it grief, still disbelief, time will tell voter.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Obama Administration vs. HRC Campaign - Part 2 - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

President Putin must love this, even if the Russians have not hacked the US voting system, it draws attention while Putin takes action in Syria or East Ukraine.   Moscow PR will show the Russian people how broken the US system is, you have HRC with more votes, but Trump winning the electoral college, they will show that the US is trying to blame Russia.   The Russian people will feel like a Super Power again and they might not have done anything in this case.  

Obama Administration vs. The HRC Campaign - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

President Obama is protecting his legacy, it would look BAD if the Russians had hacked the electoral system and that Oval Office did not know, thus this break between Obama and Clinton.   The Clinton Campaign is throwing this dice just in case it can win, losing is never good, and let us get real here, the HRC would make a better President that Trump, she is a hawk on Syria and Russia, while Trump has been soft on Russia and Putin.   It will give the 24 hour TV news channels something to cover for the next few weeks, American elections never end!!

Trump on Wisconsin Part 2 - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

Wisconsin could be Florida 2000 all over again, the lawyers for Trump, Clinton, Stein will be ready to move the issue on to the Courts, will the US Supreme Court have to decide who the next President is, the Russians must be laughing they see Obama on the way and a crisis developing as to who will be the next President.   The Democrats are sore losers but in this case as stated they could be right, what  if the voting machines were hacked by the Russians, they wanted a Trump victory, the question is can you check every voting machine, it would take months, and the rules say the electoral college meets on December 19th.   If that is a problem it goes to the Republican House to decide, that has not happened in modern memory.

Trump on Wisconsin Recount - Trump Era?

Lets Get Real:

AFTER the shocks of 2016 nothing would surprise this blog, it would be ironic if the November Result was overturned, by wins for the Clinton Campaign.  IF it happens it would make Trump the shortest President - Elect in history.   One can only hope that HRC wins after all, the thought of Trump in the White House is a nightmare for the US and World security.   

Friday, November 25, 2016

US Soldier KILLED in Syria - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The way the Obama Administration is fighting the War in Syria will lead to more US deaths.   The Oval in its final weeks in office should not be slow, it should bomb the hell out of Daesh, the Oval does not know what the Trump Administration will do when it comes into power in January.   The recount in Wisconsin it is said will not change the outcome, thus President Obama should hit Daesh HARD while he has the chance.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama TRIES to handcuff Trump over Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

More double dealing from the Obama White House, the Oval does not seem to get the fact that the US voter has rejected the Obama legacy.   The US/Iran deal is DEAD in the water once President Trump becomes President, also it can be hoped that Israel get a better relationship with Trump than it did with Obama.   The 44th President should be thinking about writing his memories, setting up his Presidential Library, or even running for office again, he could run for Governor or back to the Senate, or just become a TV chat show host, he has a lot of Hollywood friends.   It said that President Obama thinks a lot, well he should try to understand why his legacy was rejected by the US voter.

Network's Birthday = 40 - Modern TV News

Lets Get Real:

IF you are a real news junkie you have seen Network, if you have not seen Network then you are not a news junkie, it showed the future from 1970s, it misses out on the Internet but then nothing is perfect.    It shows how ratings is the game, or today clicks on websites, how news would be sexed up, it should have a fast pace, and in your face as represented by the main character in the movie.  Over this holiday period try to watch it again or buy the DVD.  To the modern viewer it will shock you how close it is to reality, I would tell you end but that would be a spoiler even after so many decades, it does shock.

Nikki Haley New UN Ambassador - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This shows that President Trump is willing to overlook past critical views of him, and could be a good indicator that Governor Romney might be made Secretary of State.   The UN should expect a tougher Trump Administration, Russia will have a weary eye in New York if Romney is appointed as he sees Russia as the major threat to the US.   The new Administration will have to deal with the crisis that is Syria and the on going battle in Iraq to get Daesh out of Mosul.   The new Secretary of State and those appointed by Trump will have a lot of reading to do and to keep the international community happy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The New York Times vs. President Trump part 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It seems from the tweets at the meeting between President Trump and the uber LIBERAL NYT that Trump has a LBJ problem of needing to be loved or liked, that is not the job of the press, they should be critical of ALL sides when it comes to domestic politics, Reagan did not seek their favour, he went over their heads, and WON two big elections.    The Trump family need to have word with the Donald, no more tweeting when in the White House, the press will always hate you, the simple reason you are not JFK or Reagan.   The main aim of the Trump Presidency in the first term should be its Agenda, meet your promises do not get sidetracked with small stuff, that includes the UBER LIBERAL NYT.

New York Times Interview back ON - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It would be in the interest of President Trump and the US for someone to take away his mobile as to tweet, he can not be doing that when he is President.   The President - Elect will need to grow a thick skin for the critical mob who will come after him when he is in the Oval Office.   It looks like weakness to agree to a NYT meeting and then to cancel it and then say its on, this is now way to run a future White House, no one would now what was going on, it would depend who last spoke to the President.  How in the hell did Mr Trump become a billionaire?

No Jail Time for Hillary Clinton - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THIS shows that the elite look after the elite even when they are the opposition, one wonders how many votes Trump got with the message that he would throw HRC in jail.  Let's be clear hear, if any one else had done what HRC had done with her server or foundation they would have been throwin in jail.   This shows that power protects its members, thus another broken promise by Trump, what else will be thrown overboard.

New York Times vs. President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Why should President Trump even bother to meet with the New York Times, they are biased against him, even their own readers see that, the 2016 coverage was ALL for HRC, they went after stories that were decades OLD.   One would not be surprised if the White House threw the NYT out of the press room, why both having them there, they will just slant their stories to be anti Trump.  The paper press represent the OLD media, the Donald might know a thing or two about press, the new fourth establishment could be social media, with the new media ALL that counts is clicks to websites, and Trump has large following when it comes to new media.

The Main Stream Media and President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The main stream media HATE Donald Trump, to some since election day this has been one long horror show, the problem is that they have four to eight of years of this to go through.  In the case of Trump the press media have to keep a eye on Trump, they will miss the hell out of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.   Nixon hated the press and it showed, while the Gipper did not need the press, he spoke to the people from the Oval Office.   In 2016 the press showed they wanted Hillary Clinton to win, if you looked at the press stories, press and TV most of it was anti Trump, one can see why Trump is not happy, but that does not matter, he is President of the United States and should act like it, he should answer press questions, it comes with the job, most Presidents hate the press by the end, it is the fourth arm of Government, it keeps the Oval and Hill honest.   

Nigel Farage VERY much OUT - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government was correct to rebuff the idea from President Trump that Nigel Farage would be a good Ambassador, at the end of the day it is up to the PM, if Trump wants to appoint Mr Farage the US Ambassador to the UK that is up to him, I doubt the HILL will go for it.  We are in a new ERA, is new always good?   The British PM should visit Mr Trump  in New York this year, to put him the picture, and if possible curb his antics when it comes to Mr Farage.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Obama AFTER the Oval Office - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In other words President Obama will do a Jimmy Carter, another former that has been critical of his successors, the question is will any one care, being a former President can be the worse place to be, your the former guy, the news is in the Oval Office, you can't run for the Presidency again, and there are others who want to be leaders of the Party.   The best examples of former Presidents are Bush 41 and Bush 43, neither was critical of his successor, in the case of Bush 41 it was Bill Clinton and for Bush 43 it was Obama, and it could be argued that Bush 43 had just cause to be critical as for most of his first term Obama blamed him for everything.    Let's see how long President Obama can be quiet after January 20th 2017.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump and ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus President Trump is taking the fight to the Democrats, it can be argued that ObamaCare helped Trump get elected in the first place, even since its passing it has cost the Democrats in every election cycle, with the exception of 2012.   The rates have gone through the roof, and Democrats up for re-election in 2018 Mid Terms will want to work out how ObamaCare's negative aspects might hurt them in their individual races.   In making ObamaCare the first thing to deal with the Trump Oval will be keeping faith with its base.

Romney for Secretary of State ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THIS would be a shock move President Trump, neither men had a nice thing to say about each other in the 2016 Primary fight or afterwards, Romney lead attempts right up to the convention to get another nominee.   It would be a clear signal to Russia that US foreign policy would not be that easy after the kind words of Trump when it comes to Putin.  Governor Romney sees Russia as its enemy, he stated that in his debates with President Obama in 2012.   Of course the meeting could be a way for Trump to divert attention while he picks his White House team and Cabinet.

VP Pence vs. The Theatre - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

WHY, WHY do actors think that the paying public should have to put with them expanding their political views on the stage.   IF actors want to go into politics they should run for public office, let's see Ronald Reagan ran, so did the Terminator, WHY are liberals afraid to run.    They are looked after, told they are great, and talk to people who agree with them, the Vice - President Elect should have been allowed to watch a musical without the political PR at the end of the play.   Decorum, Decorum!

The Queen and President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One now sees why the Government gave the Queen extra money to rebuild Buck House, one does hope that the PM asked if Her Majesty if she was alright at the prospect of meeting the 45th President of United States.   The strategic move is very wise, the Queen over the years has had to put up with many a Head of State she might have not liked, if it gets the UK a good trade deal, well that is money well spent.   On the Trump Cabinet Governor Huckabee was on Fox News yesterday and confirmed that he had turned down a Cabinet post.  A Daily Mail article had it on good sources that Huckabee would be made Ambassador to Israel, that story now seems wrong.   This blog tries to keep up to date, thus error can happen in its reporting.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Huckabee to be US Ambassador to Israel - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The left wing already up in arms over Sessions will not be happy, it seems that freeze of the Obama Years when it comes to Israel will come to an end on January 20th 2017.   This blog is a FIRM supporter Israel and supported it during the cold Obama years, the two State solution for a Palestinian State is DEAD in the water, Israel and the US have tried to get deals with the Palestinian West Bank, in the case of the Bill Clinton Administration is a case in point, but they have been let down, the other side wants a REAL State, this would be a threat to Israel, there is no way that Israel could allow a Palestinian State to have it own armed forces and control of it borders and skies, this would allow the enemies of Israel to use such a State as a springboard to attack Israel.    At least the Trump Administration is a ally of Israel, that can not be said of the Obama Administration.

The CIA and Guantanamo - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Obama Administration has been weak on Daesh, the removal of US troops from in Iraq in 2011 allowed for the birth of Daesh and their growth in IRAQ and SYRIA.  The drones strikes have been effective, but sometimes it would be better to capture terrorists and throw them in to Guantanamo Bay, while there the CIA can use ANY method to get information, yes even torture, terrorists do NOT HAVE RIGHTS.   Thus if Trump is tougher on Daesh and other terrorist groups this would be a bonus in the War on Terror.   At least Trump will call Islamic terrorists what they are, in eight years Obama has failed to do that, the War on Terror never ends, and the West has to win.

The Democrats on Sessions - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats should be tough on their colleague, but also keep in mind that Trump has actually said worse things, the Democrats should press Sessions on his view of civil rights and his views on amnesty.   As the Democrats are in the minority they will need to turn a few Republicans to block the nomination.   Thus in pure political terms, it would be better to wait before throwing stones, that could be for the Supreme Court nomination.

Sessions for Attorney General - Trump Era

BBC News: Reports that President - Elect Trump has nominated Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, the article notes the following, " But allegations of racism that have dogged Mr Sessions' career could make for an uncomfortable Senate confirmation hearing. "

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats should make a stand on the of immigration, they should seek to get a promise from Senator Sessions if he becomes Attorney General he will listen to both sides of the argument, and have 2nd thought about a WALL between the US and Mexico.   On the race allegations the Democrats have to be careful, Trump has said worse and has been elected President, they still have to talk to the Trump White House and get their pet ideas through, thus diplomacy on race but firm on amnesty or as close as you can after the election.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Trump MEET Obama - For the historical record

Why HRC and the Democrats LOST in 2016

Lets Get Real:

The above might be true, but have the rust belt States made a mistake, how can President Trump bring back jobs, is he going to throw out NAFTA, and other trade deals, even if he does this, will it bring back jobs, one has doubts.   The only way to attract jobs is to make the USA business friendly, cut taxes, make US companies want to build factories in the rust belt, make it a tax plus if they do, for companies that will not move back to the US the Trump Administration should bring in negative taxes against these companies, make the shareholders pay for any slow movement.    The old heavy industries are not cost effective in the US, that is why they are abroad, modern Western workers want less work and more pay, while developing countries are just happy to have the jobs.    This could be a long process.   On the culture side the President - Elect has made it clear that he is happy with gay marriage, and that it is settled LAW.   ON abortion he wants the States to decide, so a woman might have to go to another State for an abortion.   In fact those women who want an abortion in Northern Ireland have to go to England for the operation.   The President - Elect has been clear about this from the start, so religious voters must have been aware, does the economy trump faith, it is an interesting question, have religious voters accepted same sex marriage as a civil right, that would be positive development.

The Democratic Party needs to move to the centre ground, otherwise it might find it wins the popular vote in future elections but loses the White House prize.   It should be note that this has happened twice in the 21st Century, in the 2000 election and this year, it could become quite frequent if the Democrats do not understand what happened in 2016.

Bill Clinton on the 2016 Election - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The former President knowns how to win elections, he is a former Two term President, thus it is interesting to note that the was seen as old hat by the 2016 Campaign.   It can be argued from their perspective that the 2016 cycle was different from 1992 and 1996, and the data showed that minority voters would push HRC over the line, well in fact it did not happen.   There is a simple answer to this, Trump went to rust belt States and asked for their votes, even President Obama has stated that Democrats have to visit everywhere, they can not just forget the fly over States.  In time the minority population will be the majority, even then they liked to be asked for their vote, assuming people will vote one way is quite racist in a way.  People are People, and it's nice to be asked for your vote, even if you are voting for the other side.

Hillary Clinton AFTER the Election - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Hillary Clinton looks still in shock by the election result, when you have spent your entire life seeking the Presidency and to lose it but still win the popular vote must VERY hard, the question is what next for HRC.   The blog would suggest a few months off then seek another job, Governor of New York or a return to the Senate.  Is this really the end of the Clintons when it comes to American politics?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

House Dems and Change - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The blog hopes that the Democrats keep Pelosi as their leader, then the Mid Terms in 2018 will be a walk over for the Republicans.   As an extreme liberal Pelosi is not liked in Conservative States, one does wonder when the Democrats will have the guts to have new leadership.   There needs to be shake up in the Democratic Party, it has to get over the Clintons and move on, otherwise it could be a VERY LONG four years or eight years of Trump.  The USA needs two political parties that have a chance of getting elected.

The New York Times vs. President - Elect - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The elite left wing NYT better get its act together or its is going to be a LONG four to eight years for the paper of record.   That does not mean being soft on the Trump, quite the reverse, but pick stories that are important, do not get sucked in to stories that please the foreign policy elite.   As noted by this blog and others, the NYT covered for Stalin, STALIN for heavens sake, thus it should pick its fights better, make it over something important, not those who and are not close to the future President.

The new Trump Administration - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is not new for new teams to take time to get together, in the transfer between Bush 41 and Bill Clinton it took the Clinton team months to get the right Attorney General due to various issues with the candidates.   The elite media is looking for anything to attack the new Trump Administration with and its not in power yet.   As stated the elite in various sectors need to chill, once the the Trump Administration is in power it can be critical.   The reports just make the media look like BAD losers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

President Obama on 57% job approval - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the question will be asked, WHY did Hillary Clinton lose an election she should  have won on the back of Obama's high approval rating.   In 1988 Reagan helped his VP, Bush 41 get the job, thus it can be asked , was Reagan a better campaigner for Bush 41 than Obama was for HRC.  Did the HRC send the President to the right States, what in their campaign lead to the loss, did the campaign become glued to the polls, and not look at the reality.   This Campaign will be debated for ages, many a book will come out on 2016 and the Trump victory.

Bill vs. Hillary Clinton - The Election failure - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

BILL CLINTON knows about winning elections, he is a two term President, okay he is not the same man as he was then, having heart surgery does change people, but he is a natural pol, he wants to feel your pain.  HRC has no one to blame but herself, she had the idea of a private email server, and used it for secret and top secret information, no wonder the FBI had to investigate her, any one else would be JAIL by now, in a black hole of jail with the key thrown away.   This is the time second time HRC has lost an election to be President, if she wants a third run whe will have to listen to Bill, if she did not listen in the past that is HER fault.

Giuliani for State Department - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog would have thought that the former Mayor of the New York would be better placed as Attorney General were he could find ways to lock up Hillary Clinton.   Of course the Giuliani was Mayor of New York at the times of 9/11 thus has shown himself good in a crisis, this is a developing story.

Trump on the Popular Vote - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The electoral college and the popular vote have gone differently twice in the modern era, we recall the 2000 election were Bush 43 won the electoral college but the popular vote went to Vice - President Gore.   Thus we have 2016 were Clinton will win the popular vote while Trump gets the Presidency.   The founding fathers understood if there was no electoral college the candidates for the Presidency would not move from the popular areas, thus the smaller States would feel left out, thus the college.   One can argue that in fact it was the US Supreme Court that gave Bush 43 the White House, that was a first.   The Trump Presidency will be interesting, a complex man but intelligent, he is a billionaire.   Interesting times ahead.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump's Domestic Policy - Moderate or Right Wing ?

Lets Get Real:

One can expect that President Trump will move the Supreme Court to the right, therefore abortion will become a State issue, as in women who want an abortion will either have an abortion in their home State if it is legal or have to move to another State for the operation.   On gay marriage Trump is in line with the US popular view, he supports it as settled law.   This blog supports a women's right to chose and when or if to have a baby, therefore it is liberal and does not support Trump on this, but in general a conservative Court is better for the US, change takes time and sometimes you have to work for it or win elections.

The RIGHT in the White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Donald Trump WON, he can have who he likes on his staff in the White House.   The Chief Strategist main job is to keep POTUS aware of the views of the base and getting his agenda through the Congress.   Also let us recall the White House will want to win the Mid Terms in 2018 and the re-election in 2020.   The main stream media should chill, otherwise it is going to be a LONG four years for the media elite and foreign policy elite.