Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump in the DOCK - Trumpgate 1

Lets Get Real:

The the latest in the Trump news cycle, the Democrats are never going to get OVER losing in 2016, they will fish for anything to get Trump, very much like the Democrats wanted to get Richard Nixon.   The President should FIRE the Special Prosecutor, the main job was to see if the Russians and the Trump Campaign worked together in 2016, thus far NO information has surfaced to say that happened.   The SP is fishing for anything to justify his salary, it is reported that his staff is made of lawyers who gave money to the Democrats.  The Oval Office should say to hell with it, fire the SP and the Deputy AG if he will not follow the order, then let's see what happens.  The US can not go through another three years of this kind of mess. 

Brexit Talks Part 2 - Update 2

Lets Get Real:

The UK should not pay a FARTHING to the EU, in fact we should get 9 billion back, the UK for years has been funding the EU, it about time we spent the money on the the UK issues, from the NHS to other important issues.   The EU bloated with officials who need their pensions paid, why do you think its the first issue on the table.   The UK should be firm and respectful and say that the UK has its own problems at the present and we need the money. That will force the pro EU parties to makes a choice, give the money to the EU or people of the UK.  Democratic politics is not nice sometimes but it is effective. 

The Brexit Talks - New Era for the UK and the EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the EU demands a 100 hundred billion Euros Divorce bill the UK should walk straight out, no getting in to talks, the UK should not pay one farthing for the EU.   The money would be spent on the pensions of the fat cats of the EU.  The best way for talks to work is that the EU has to know that the UK will walk away, any weakness and the EU will roll over us.   The Germans and the French want to punish us, well we should say NO, it will not be the first time we have said no to Germany.   We should try to side deals with other EU countries, weaken the core from the outside.  These are going to be long and complicated talks.