Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The First Poll - UK General Election - Update 4

Lets Get Real:

As stated the UK General Election of 2017 could be a WALKOVER, of as stated the unexpected happens, the Conservative Party has to get its vote out, it has to place the fear of God in to the Voters, do they want a PM Corbyn, NOT REALLY.   Thus expect business leaders to come out in support of the Conservative Government.   The Conservatives should stress security of the UK, and what would happen if Corbyn should win, that will have a few people out on the weekend needing a drink.  The Conservatives need to offer stability and that the UK is leaving the EU, and that old phrase means what it says, Brexit means Brexit.   The Labour Party will play the NHS card, they always do, it wont work but then they have no message that sells beyond a few London Elites.   Thus voter we have 7 weeks of this, this blogger will need a drink, and its only Tuesday.

North Korea Crisis - Update - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In other words for all the fury coming of the Oval Office, the reality that the US will take real action is LOW, the Capital of South Korea is not that far from the border between South and North Korea, the North Koreans with conventional weapons could cause the death of hundred of thousands of South Koreans, also NK has the bomb, a nuclear device could hit South Korea and Japan.  Of course the US would finish off North Korea, that is not the point the death toll in Asia would be the point, China would be faced with hundred of thousands of refugees from North Korea, the death toll could be in the millions and that would include US citizens and Soldiers.  Thus it can be argued that the US will allow itself to be blackmailed once again for food or money, the real CRISIS POINT will come if North Korea ever has a working ICBM.  That would be a game changer, and make the Cuban Missile Crisis look like happy hour.

Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Campaign - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The 2016 US Presidential Election will go down in history, it was not meant to end like it did, it recalls that famous photo of President Truman showing the headline from a newspaper that stated that he had lost the election, he of course had won.   In 1960 there was the close election between Kennedy and Nixon, and the iffy ballots in two States, in 2000 Gore should have won but he lost Florida and did not win his own home State.   In 2016 nearly ALL the polls showed that Hillary Clinton would win, and become the first woman President.  Well in the end Trump won the rust belt States.  As a contributor on CNN stated that DATA does not vote, the Clinton Campaign thought it understood the election process and how to engage the voter, through tracking mass data, it was bad mistake to make.   The LIBERAL LEFT will always blame the Russians, or the FBI, what they can not see and refuse to see is the FACT that HRC was a bloody bad candidate, she thought she was owed the Oval Office by right, in fact the US voter said NO, and they said that NO in the rust belt States, thus the electoral college win of Trump. 

Jeremy Corbyn and the General Election - Update 3- GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Leader lives in own deluded World, even if Labour loses by a big amount the hard left will make sure that Corbyn stays on in power, they have been on the outside for decades, they do not want to lose the chance of controlling the Labour and the left in UK politics.   LET BE CLEAR, Labour is heading for a thrashing in the General Election, it will make 1983 General Election look like happy hour.   The UK voter is not going to vote for a leader who will not press the nuclear button, the electorate will support a strong leader, that is why Lady Thatcher won 3 general election in a row.   The UK if it is not careful could become a ONE PARTY State. 

GE 2017 - Update 2

Lets Get Real:

THIS General Election could be a walkover, of course in a Democracy THINGS HAPPEN, what if the US goes to war with North Korea, the UK is was part of the Alliance troops that fought in the Korean War, thus we could be dragged in, also there is always a scandal, with the exception of the above it looks like the Labour Party is walking on to No Man's Land and there is no get out!!  The Election Manifestos of the political parties will be interesting, the Conservatives will push security, keep the UK's nuclear missiles and Brexit means Brexit, while Labour, God knows, Corbyn is made it clear he will never press the nuclear button, and wants a softer Brexit.   Thus 7 weeks of the General Election, this blog is a political geek, loves polls, debates, but endless 24/7 coverage of the election might even be too much of this geek, please after the election can we have some peace on the domestic front and abroad. 

UK General Election in 2017 - GE2017

BBC News Live Reporting: Reports that the Conservative PM, Theresa May has called an election for June 8th.

Lets Get Real: 

This is the best chance for PM May to gain her own majority at the General Election, I hear you ask, what about the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, the answer is simple, NO CHANCE IN HELL. The UK voter has made it mind up about Mr Corbyn, to left wing, he does not support the UK having its own nuclear missiles.   The Liberal Democrats want to be run by the EU, while SNP wants out of the UK and if it is not careful, out of the EU.  Thus weeks of an General Election and the result will be a massive Conservative Majority.