Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The First Poll - UK General Election - Update 4

Lets Get Real:

As stated the UK General Election of 2017 could be a WALKOVER, of as stated the unexpected happens, the Conservative Party has to get its vote out, it has to place the fear of God in to the Voters, do they want a PM Corbyn, NOT REALLY.   Thus expect business leaders to come out in support of the Conservative Government.   The Conservatives should stress security of the UK, and what would happen if Corbyn should win, that will have a few people out on the weekend needing a drink.  The Conservatives need to offer stability and that the UK is leaving the EU, and that old phrase means what it says, Brexit means Brexit.   The Labour Party will play the NHS card, they always do, it wont work but then they have no message that sells beyond a few London Elites.   Thus voter we have 7 weeks of this, this blogger will need a drink, and its only Tuesday.

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