Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GE 2017 - Update 2

Lets Get Real:

THIS General Election could be a walkover, of course in a Democracy THINGS HAPPEN, what if the US goes to war with North Korea, the UK is was part of the Alliance troops that fought in the Korean War, thus we could be dragged in, also there is always a scandal, with the exception of the above it looks like the Labour Party is walking on to No Man's Land and there is no get out!!  The Election Manifestos of the political parties will be interesting, the Conservatives will push security, keep the UK's nuclear missiles and Brexit means Brexit, while Labour, God knows, Corbyn is made it clear he will never press the nuclear button, and wants a softer Brexit.   Thus 7 weeks of the General Election, this blog is a political geek, loves polls, debates, but endless 24/7 coverage of the election might even be too much of this geek, please after the election can we have some peace on the domestic front and abroad. 

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