Tuesday, January 10, 2017

President Obama's Farewell to the Nation - Historical Record

The White House: President Obama's Farewell to the Nation.

President Obama's Farewell Address to the US - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Another ego driven move by President Obama, he has rarely used the Oval Office, he thinks he is somehow special and different from other Presidents, it is just a waste of Government money, to fly to and back from Chicago just to make a speech, it pretty much gives you the mind process of an elite liberal, if had been a Republican the green groups would be in full battle cry, nothing from them so far.   The Obama years have been a disaster on the domestic and international front, ObamaCare has been a disaster, while on the international front the US had lead from very far behind.  The 2nd Obama term saw the birth of Daesh, the return of the US to Iraq, the sending of Special Forces to Syria, the collapse of Libya and the death of the Middle East Peace process.   One can only hope that President Trump has learnt from these mistakes, and follows the JFK and Reagan path when it comes to domestic and foreign policy.   On the domestic side it will be tax cuts and on the international front it will be peace through strength. 

Meryl Streep vs. Israel - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The ABOVE is the reason why elite liberal actors should stay out of politics, they are repeatedly  told they are great, that the Sun waits to go up when the wake, that they can do nothing wrong.   The one exception is liberal actors who actually stand in the electoral process, at least they putting their head on the public chopping block, Ah! a problem, I can not think of well known liberal who has actually stood, the clever ones know that they could be LOSE, that does nothing for the ego.   What ever the merits of the case, Democrats just have to accept that HRC lost, and she was a bad candidate, it is that simple and brutal. 

Jeff Sessions Before US Congress - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is the blood sport of US politics, it does not matter if Trump put up Jesus Christ the Democrats would oppose as their base want them to be united and strong against Donald Trump.   It does not matter on the merits of the case, Senator Sessions must hope to keep all the Republicans to vote for him, then he can get through, if moderate Republicans get enough heat they will oppose, if Sessions does go down the Trump Administration can put someone worse up in the view of Democrats, the Dems can only block so many and after a matter of time the voters will think that the Dems are just playing politics.