Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New UK Polls - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 61 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus you have a Conservative lead of between 10% to 15%, the last one can be dismissed as its field work is later than the first one.  The general view is that the Conservative LEAD has gone down and Labour is starting to get voters back, thus we could still have a PM Corbyn.   The Conservative Party has to go after Corbyn, there in less than a week to go to the election, the right wing press have to nail Corbyn, the left wing BBC and Guardian are supporting Labour, its time to get REAL about Corbyn, he is the most left wing candidate for PM EVER, if elected Corbyn would make Trump look good and make the UK a laughing stock.

New Poll - Labour Increase Poll Share - Campaign Trail 60 - GE2017

UK Polling Report: Reports " Survation for Good Morning Britain this morning had topline figures of CON 43%(nc), LAB 37%(+3), LDEM 9%(nc), UKIP 4%(nc). "

Lets Get Real:

This polls shows a Conservative LEAD of 6%, this is in line with previous polls, a Tory lead but Labour is growing its support.  A YouGov Poll tomorrow in The Times shows that the we are heading for a HUNG Parliament, the Conservatives would be the biggest Party but not with a majority.   It seems that the Tory wobble has increased, the Conservatives have to go out of their way to destroy Cobryn over the next few days, the Conservatives have to draw a picture of a leader who is not up to the job, who can not remember policy on important domestic issues, would weaken the UK, Corbyn would get rid of the UK's nuclear ability, he would not protect the Country from terrorists, and Corbyn has meet a few terrorists in his time.   The TAXES of people in the middle would go up, the UK would be pushed around by the EU, the clear BREXIT wanted by the people would not happen.   One can only hope that the Times is wrong

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Poll - Conservative LEAD at 12% - Campaign Trail 59 - GE2017

Guardian: Reports "
                     Conservatives: 45% (down 2 from Guardian/ICM last week)

Lets Get Real:
Thus the Conservatives are back up to a 12 point in a new Guardian/ICM poll, this shows that the wobble of last week has phased out, and the UK voter is starting to look at the flaws of Jeremy Corbyn, his checkered past with terrorists, his opposition to Trident, his negative view of Drone Strikes, his threat to NATO.   On the domestic front, he will rise taxes, the old public sector industries would be taken back under Government control, the Trade Unions will have a field day, the Thatcher reforms of the Trade Unions would be thrown out.   One can only hope that voters get the FACT, that they must vote or otherwise they get PM Corbyn.   That would make the UK a laughing stock, worse that Trump in the US. 

Out of Touch Corbyn - Campaign Trail 58 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above shows how out of touch the Labour leadership is at present, there is a Shadow Home Secretary who did not know the costs of extra police and now the leaders does not know how much early education would cost.   The UK public has to wake up, those under 40 will not recall the 1970s, three day week because of strikes, the lights going out, because of strikes, the rail service and other industries causing a fortune as they were under Government control.   The older generation recall such events, the older voter has to kick the backside of the younger voter if they are thinking of voting Labour, we paid our dues in the 70s thank you very much, you have NOT.    Thus you feckless fools, grow up and do as your told, VOTE CONSERVATIVE, and we give the vote to those 18, one really does wonder, might be better to wait in they are 21 and paid some dues back to the system.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Pyramid At The End of the World - Doctor Who Review

Doctor Who News: Reports " The Pyramid At The End Of The World had an overnight viewing audience of 4.01 million viewers, a share of 20.4% of the total TV audience, according to unofficial figures. "

Lets Get Real:

This was another great episode from a great season, poor Bill's love life needs a rethink, its either the Pope in her flat or the UN Director General.  The Doctor is still keeping secret that he can not see, and then we have a Monks, they understand humanity, they need to be asked to take over, they want be loved.   The Doctor's first reaction is to threaten, then he tells the powers to launch their attacks, this shocks Bill, nice to see that the Doctor can surprise, he does not want to appease or surrender, so British, warning to UK VOTER, if you get Corbyn you get more threats to security.  It was interesting to see Bill make the final decision, to save the Doctor she would give the Earth up, the Doctor was not happy, it might be fun to have Erica on board as a Doctor assistant, she looks bright and fun.  Thus on to next week, how will the Doctor save the Earth? No spoilers in the above, well not that many!

Labour's WEAKNESS on Terror - Diane Abbott - Campaign Trail 57 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF you want a weak security and terrorism to be bigger THREAT just vote for Jeremy Corbyn, as he will appoint his former girlfriend Diana Abbott has his Home Secretary, Abbott is on the loony left of the Labour Party, the same side as Corbyn, JUST READ THIS ARTICLE, and you will see that even the Guardian has no truck with her.  In the past she has opposed tough security and opposed security measures that would protect the UK Citizen.  IF you want the terrorists to win, just VOTE LABOUR, Corbyn will make the UK weak and a open target for terrorists.  The foolishness of Abbott is showed by comparing her views to her hair style, what a plonker. 

Corbyn BLAMES Western policy for Terror Attacks - Campaign trail 56 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above shows how out of touch Jeremy Corbyn is with the rest of the UK population, here we have a man who has refused to be critical of the IRA when given a chance by TV interviews.  Also sees terrorism has a reaction to Western military policy, that beheadings of of Daesh is due to bad Western Foreign Policy.  The UK voter has to smell the coffee and and get the FACT that if Labour wins on June 8th the UK will look like an idiot, but worse, Corbyn would remove the RAF from fighting Daesh, the UK would no take no action in either Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.   On the domestic front, TAXES would sky rocket, we would return to the strikes of the 1970s.   The Trade Union policy of the Thatcher Era would be removed, we would become the Sick Man of Europe again.  Also we would take any deal given to us by the EU, how ever bad.  SMELL COFFEE AND VOTE CONSERVATIVE. 

New UK Polls - Campaign Trail 55 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The polls go from a six point LEAD for the Conservatives to a 12 point, take your pick, none of the polls show Labour winning.  The last full week of the Campaign should be interesting, can the Conservatives rebuild their strong lead, can Corbyn's Labour Party make use of a popular manifesto launch.   The right wing Conservative papers are going to go after Corbyn this week, he has made to many BAD speeches or statements that make him look pro IRA, and anti British.  The leaders have hard TV interviews and question and answer sessions this week, we shall see what the polls say on the last weekend before the election. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Corbyn REFUSES to support UK's Nuclear Defence - Campaign Trail 54 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports " Jeremy Corbyn has refused to give his personal support for the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons, despite it being in Labour's manifesto. "

Lets Get Real:

The above shows why Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn can not be trusted as Prime Minister, he has been a firm supporters of CND all of his political life.   As PM he would have the final say if the UK would keep its nuclear weapons, he has made it clear that if WW3 did break out he would not give the order to launch nuclear missiles in the defence of the UK.   This morning Corbyn stated that the foreign policy of the UK had lead to terrorism, giving the terrorists what they want to hear.   The UK voter would be out of his/her mind to vote for Corbyn, we would become a laughing stock.   It would be a THREAT to NATO as the Russians would see Eastern Europe as open to pressure and invasion.   The Conservatives have to fight HARD, Corbyn is a threat to the security of the UK. 

Corbyn Condemns Our Troops and appeases Terrorists - Campaign Trail 54 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above is the LEFT out of control, think if they were in power, the UK Armed Forces would become laughing stock, the UK's leadership role in the World would vanish.  The Americans and the EU would not bother with us, the US would not trust our word and the EU would know that a Labour Government would do as it is told by the EU.  The remarks to be given by Corbyn is an affront to those UK troops that have lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and to the people of Manchester.  Also the timing is suspect, as stated in previous post those killed in Manchester have not been buried yet, and what does Corbyn do, in essence take the side of the terrorists.   In a interview Corbyn was asked five times to be critical of the IRA and he would not respond.   The Conservatives who thought this election in the bag, have to get out and ask people for their vote, otherwise it will be Jeremy Corbyn going to Palace to be asked by the Queen to form a Government. 

Corbyn the TERROR APPEASER - Campaign Trail 53 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF the UK elects the Labour Party as its a new Government, it would be making a disastrous mistake, the US would pull out of any support, the US and its allies would be worried about giving any secret information to the UK, the shoe would be on the other foot.  The EU would be laughing, they could push any BAD deal they like and a Corbyn Administration would take it, the stock markets would hit the floor, bankers would be on their planes out, taxes would go up for everyone, the rich never get taxed as they can leave.   The UK would no longer have a secured nuclear system, as Corbyn has made it clear that he would never give the order to launch.  The UK would be weak, the target of terrorists, the Russians would push harder to gain back the former USSR.  In fact a Corbyn Government could lead to World War 3.  It is time for the UK voter and smelled the coffee, votes as serious and so are the results. 

Corbyn vs. The War on Terror - Campaign Trail 52 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above how out of touch Jeremy Corbyn is with the real world, those killed in Manchester have not been buried yet and here is Comrade Corby exploiting the deaths of children for political advantage, Corbyn has always been a loon, it was all right on the backbenches but  now it could be a THREAT to the security of the State.   The Conservatives have to get in to the trenches, no longer being nice, just say that Corbyn is a appeaser to bullies and terrorists, that he has opposed UK military action, and if elected he would make the deaths of our armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq mean NOTHING.   The UK would become a laughing stock, our lost heroes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Manchester deserve a better postscript. 

Jeremy Corbyn EXPOSED as Appeaser - Campaign Trail - 51

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn could WIN the election, the terrorists would have WON THEN, there is no way Comrade Corby would carry on with the fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, the Russians would see it as a green card to take the whole of Ukraine, NATO would be under threat, the US would have no time for PM CORBYN, that is what the UK voter could thrust upon the UK.   The old fashioned Labour supporters one hopes could not vote for Corbyn, he would take the UK back to the 1970s, UK Foreign Policy would be done by the extreme left of the Guardian. The new polls should shock the UK voter, we have ALL been sad over Manchester, but we are not appeasers, the UK is better than that, so if its going to be a tough election, lets get in to the trenches, the Conservatives have to take the fight to Corbyn and Labour, otherwise would could get PM Corbyn in June 9th.

Labour making General Election very NARROW - Campaign Trail 50 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

In election terms this is DEFCON1, the Labour could have REAL chance of winning the election, it reported that tomorrow that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will blame UK wars in the Middle East and the bombing of Daesh in Iraq and Syria for the Manchester attack.   The Conservative Party has to in political terms, throttle him, show what a loon he is, there is his refusal to be critical of the IRA, his statements that he would never use the nuclear bomb in the defence of the UK.  The right wing have to destroy him over the weekend, the UK Voter surely could not be that DAFT or CRAZY to vote for Labour and someone like Corbyn.  The security of the State is at risk, the Conservatives and the press have to nail Jeremy Cook to his left wing door, there are still two weeks to go, I am waiting for the polls that says Labour is ahead. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Troops and the General Election - Campaign Trail 49 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

One hopes for no soldiers on the streets, but if need be the whole Army should be out, if the security services believe that there is a critical threat, the Army should be in every City in the UK, in till the ALL CLEAR IS GIVEN.   If the cell can be traced back to Daesh in the Middle East and Africa then the Military should be sent to take them out, this kind of terror threat has to be removed, not one ounce of it can be allowed to survive, IF prisoners can be taken they should be sent to GITMO for tough interviews.   The UK does not want to be France, it has suffered many terrorist attacks, the UK should make a clean sweep of any Daesh threat coming from the outside the UK.  While in the UK our multi cultured society must work better as a structure, those that are Daesh supporters should be outed by their communities, the police are there to hear of any threat. 

The Election Resumes - Campaign Trail 48 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus the General Election gets going, it will be odd to see an election going on while the security level for the Country is at critical, the Police will have  a lot on their hands if they have to control concerts, plays, sporting events and political meetings, the Army will be needed, one can only hope that the Police and MI5 can get make quick arrests, and any more threats are removed.  As we are back to the election, and everything is political, that is the cynic in this blog, one will be interested to see the polls, with the terror attack help the Government Party, strong and steady has been the message, is the Country likely to trust Jeremy Corbyn with the security of the nation, this blog has its doubts.  As this blog stated, times moves on. 

Remember those Killed at Manchester - Update 3 - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

As the days, weeks, months and years pass let us never forget what happened in Manchester, as distance grows the memories get pushed back, people get on with their daily lives, there is always another terrorist attack, some other breaking news, let us remember the victims and their loved ones in our thoughts, those that died had their lives stolen from them, so we should try to remember them.  It is a part of human nature not to try to think of such tragic events, its so depressing and does not say a lot about the human condition, that we try to move on, it is not that we do not care, all humans with any soul care, its just we try to see the positive, sadness the seeking of happiness is part of human nature.  Just as the years pass as they will, let us never forget Manchester. #WeStandTogether. 

Manchester Terror Attack - Update 2 - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

The upgrade of the threat level shows that the UK intelligence is not sure if the attack on Manchester was a lone wolf or part of cell.  Thus the UK people in the major towns and events will see soldiers with guns, this shows how worried the Government is that there could be follow on attacks.  This blog recalls the days when there was police without guns, sitting in their panda cars, we live in a different age, terrorism has almost become the new normal, here in the UK and in Europe.   If the EU is good for anything it should try to form a policy that will reduce the threat of terrorism from the Middle East. #WeStandTogether. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Terror Attack - Update - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

What can one say, one prays for those that have been killed, for their families and for those that are injured in Hospital.  The THREAT from Daesh has increased since the US/UK have started to target Daesh in Iraq and Syria, Iraqi Forces have taken half control of Mosul and in Syria there is an expected attack on the Capital of Daesh.  Thus one can expect more attacks, as has been said, Western Security have to be right ALL the time, while the terrorists have to be lucky just that once.   In future the security services and the Police will have to give advice to those holding concerts or musical festivals, how to be secure without terrorists holding the West to ransom.  If there is link to Daesh in the Middle East, the UK should increase its attacks on Daesh, this evil body has to be destroyed.  Our prays are with those in Manchester on this SAD day. #WeStandTogether

Monday, May 22, 2017

May does a U - Turn on Social Care - Campaign Trail 47 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The general election of 2017 got interesting in the past few days, the reason is that PM May did not discuss SOCIAL CARE POLICY with her Cabinet, also the FACT that Scotland will not have any welfare cuts, there will be no means testing the winter fuel allowance.  One can only hope that this MASSIVE U - TURN by the PM will prevent Labour from having a chance of winning the election.   The mistake was self inflicted, the PM should have discussed the issue when the Cabinet, one is sure someone would have called it a dementia TAX, one only hope that the polls improve for the Conservatives, other wise this  blog is moving to Ireland. 

The NEW Conservative promise on SOCIAL CARE - Campaign Trail 46 - GE 2017

Lets Get Real:

This shows that the PM can hear the political winds, the Labour Party from the various polls has gained 5 points, thus narrowing the Conservative lead, the PM should stress that the old will have limited costs and that they after their death can give some of their assets over to their family.   The Labour Party has had a field day with this blunder by the Conservatives, the PM should have had more of a discussion on the issue, the Dementia Tax could be her Poll Tax is she is not careful.   The PM should try to move the issue on to Brexit, stress that Labour betray the vote of 2016.

The Latest UK polls - Labour increase Vote Share - Campaign Trail 45 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative Manifesto on care policy has backfired on the Conservatives, the Party has to move the issue on, they have to stress that Corbyn is a THREAT to UK security, he will never order a nuclear strike if the UK is at WAR, he has supported the IRA in the past and has refused to be critical of them in a Sky interview.  Also the Party of LOW taxes has to stress that Corbyn would hit EVERYONE with his promises, rich would have flown away, while the Middle Class are hit with the tax hikes.   On the Conservatives have to stress that on June 9th we could have a PM Corbyn, that should frighten the voters. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New North Korean Test - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The North Koreans it seems have dismissed the concerns of their big ally China, they are carrying on with their missile tests, the question is how long before they can place a nuclear warhead on top of a missile.   The North Koreans Regime watches the news, it sees that Trump is in BIG TROUBLE at home when it comes to Russia, thus if feels it has a free hand to act, as the Trump Oval now faces a Special Prosecutor it will be harder for Trump to act, any actions will be seen as being used to divert attention from the problem, thus internal US problems will have major effects on US Foreign Policy.   As an example Watergate overshadowed the War in South Vietnam in the 1970s.

New Poll - Labour increase Support - Campaign Trail 44 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

ONLY a 9 point lead for the Conservatives, the Labour manifesto was more successful than the Conservative one, the Labour promise to keep the old age benefits has hit Tory support. The Conservative Party needs to regroup, it should stress that the care reforms are only ideas and that the Conservative Government IF elected would listen to its MPs.   If you are running the election campaign for the Tories you have to stress that the rich are the only ones that will be means tested, in fact poorer OAP's will get more money.   Also stress that Labour wants tax hikes, and the Middle Class would be hit, thus the Party has to stress that Corbyn will not defend the UK, as PM his orders would be followed by our nuclear fleet should a WAR break out, he will not defend the UK by giving the order to launch.   The Conservatives have to hit CORBYN hard. 

Extremis - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

This blog is always honest when it comes to Doctor Who, it watched it after a night out, thus what a baffling episode, IT seem to be two stories in one, how people are just a computer games and are not real and that Missy ( Master ) is in the vault.  This blog will have to watch the show again, because at the end the only thought that came to mind was WTF.  If we are all the dream of a mighty being that being needs a shrink!!


Advice never watch the Doctor when drunk, drink muddles the mind, in essence we got the story of how Missy ended up in the vault, the Doctor would never kill Missy ( He has had many chances over the years, and River would not be happy) Then we got the heart of the story, the Doctor was sent an email, this lead to Rome, the Oval Office, CERN, ( spoilers ) it was great seeing the actors get the fact that they were not real, but even when not real the Doctor is still a threat, good old email.   This was the first part of three, what do next, watch when drunk or wait for Sunday and a great treat of Doctor Who.  ONE does hope that Bill does not leave after the Doctor's regeneration.   This has been a great season, people out there stop watching bloody reality shows, grow up and watch Doctor Who. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Russian Probe HITS the White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus are we heading for endless leaks, the appointment of a Special Prosecutor was suppose to make the investigation go quiet, thus we have the latest revelation, one can only hope that the Russian investigation does not take years and goes off on its own, very much like the Iran Contra Special Prosecutor.   The weekend in D.C will be full of gossip as to who is in the sights of the Russian investigation and that person's relationship to the Trump.   A President Pence starts to look like  a good idea. 

The LATEST UK Polls - Conservatives LEAD Narrowing - Campaign 43 - GE2017

Thus the Conservatives have a 15% to 13% lead in the polls, the gap is narrowing, the Labour Party has a manifesto that is popular, well their policies are popular if not the leader, while May is popular that can not be said for the Conservatives.   The Conservative manifesto hit the old, and the old vote, the Conservatives are trying to win in every part of the Country, but they should not forget their core vote, the Conservatives have to try harder, and think they could lose the election to Corbyn, the election is not in the bag for the Tories, they would be foolish to think so, its time to go harder on the attack when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Special Prosecutor for Trump Scandals - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats have got what they wanted, but that could cause them problems, as it is expected that the Special Prosecutor will not show boat or leak.   Also what happens to the Congressional Investigations.   The House and Senate will want public hearings, those called might want immunity from prosecution, thus this could be granted by the US Congress, thus preventing charges coming from the Special Prosecutor.   Lets look at the record of Special Prosecutors, lets start with the most famous, Watergate, that lead in the end to the Resignation of Richard Nixon and many of his White House Staff in jail.  The next one is Iran - Contra, that was a failure, as the US Congress got in the way, gave immunity, when the Special Prosecutor tried to charge individuals they found that the Courts would not uphold any charges on appeal.   Also Bush 41 at the end of his Presidency gave a pardon those in the cross hairs of the prosecutor.   In the case of Bill Clinton, the prosecutor went after the affair of Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, he was impeached by the House and found not guilty by the US Senate.  In the case of Bush 43, a staffer on the staff on of the VP was convicted not of the original crime but for having a bad memory, when the name of CIA agent was given to the public.   It can be argued that Trump should now control himself, no more tweets, no more threats, he should act Presidential, that means push his agenda, push the Congress to act on his Agenda, the OVAL should use the example of Bill Clinton who said he was working for the US people, 24/7, give the special prosecutor no problems, this could be a long investigation. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Conservative Manifesto - Campaign Trail 42 - GE 2017

Lets Get Real:

It has been noted by others that the UK welfare systems favours the older rich of the population, while the young get short end of the stick, and poor older people do not get the help they need.   It can be argued that the Middle Class have enjoyed good years under the Coalition Government and the Conservative Government, the fate of poor older people needs to be looked, why should older people be forced to sell their homes to get help, in the Conservative Manifesto there will be a block on forcing people to sell their homes.   The manifesto might not go down well older rich OAP's and they vote.   One can only hope that this new policy on the elderly does not cause Jeremy Corbyn to rise in the polls.   There are still a few weeks to go before the election. 

Trump on the Media - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Even in his own scandal Trump wants it to be the biggest, one can assume that Richard Nixon felt he has been treated unfairly, he had to resign, both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown must feel they have got and have gotten the short end of the stick, one due to Iraq the other to the economic collapse, while Bush 43 had to put up with a lot from the left after the failure to find WMD in Iraq.   The Trump White House needs a new Chief of Staff, someone who can put Trump in his place, can run WH as it should be run, Trump should ask former Secretary of State, James Baker to do the job he did for Reagan, that first term was seen as the best, also after Iran - Contra blew up the White House got a new staff that restored most of the Reagan Presidency, thus allowing Bush 41 to win 1988.   Also Trump can follow the example of Bill Clinton during Impeachment, he said every day that he was working for the American people, he got through his crisis by laying for a long time about the affair,  and giving the PR that his sole concern was the American people.   THE Trump Oval needs to control itself, otherwise it could forced out like Nixon. 

The Downfall of a President - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Presidency is a disaster, it should be noted also that there is another slow burning scandal, the article notes the following,US media have quoted a memo by former FBI director James Comey that reportedly says Mr Trump asked him to drop an inquiry into links between his ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Moscow. "  Thus President Trump faces charges of giving secrets to the Russians and trying to obstruct the investigation of the FBI in to the links between the Trump Campaign and the Russians in 2016.   It can be argued that the Republicans should CUT BAIT, Trump is making the Republicans look foolish by electing Trump to be their nominee.   A quick way for Republicans to distance themselves from this mess is to approve a selection of special prosecutor to check out the different allegations.   Otherwise the Democrats will do it 2018 if they win the Mid Terms. 

New Polls - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 41 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus the Conservatives have between a 14% to a 18% LEAD in the polls, the issue of the Labour Manifesto will have increased the Labour Vote, it so left wing it takes in most of the opinions of the LEFT.   The Labour Manifesto will appeal to the hard left of Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens, but it is not enough to take a lead in the overall polls, the Conservatives under PM May are seen as having the most competence, also the UK voter wants out of the EU, while Labour and Liberal Democrats are offering a return to the EU. It has been reported that the Conservatives will go hard on the difference between May and Corbyn in the last week of the election, it is interesting to note that while individual Labour views are popular taken a a whole and lead by Jeremy Corbyn they do not hit the mark.   As noted by this blog the Conservatives have to act as if they are behind, you never know with the polls. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Class Warfare by Labour - 2nd Manifesto launch - Campaign Trail 40 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

One can only assume that the CORE vote for the Labour Party is the old Communist Party of the UK.  The Era of New Labour seems to have had no long term effect on Labour.  They have returned to their extreme left wing views, taxes up, overspending like a drunken sailor, State control of Industries.  Thus lets hope that the UK voter has a brain cell and votes for the Conservatives, the Manifesto as leaked will be to help the working class, not keep them in the working class.  News Houses, more support for the young etc, more working rights,   After a major defeat on June 8th, the Labour Party has to return to its election winning strategy of the Blair years, otherwise it is finished in the UK. 

The Latest Polls - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 39 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus the Conservatives had a lead of between 18% to 20%, at this rate there will be no more in the House of Commons for Conservatives MPs, they will have to sit on the opposition benches to get seats.  This blog is not taking anything for granted, quite the reverse, the Conservatives should fight as if they 10% behind, let's finish off Labour as a political force in the UK, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has gone down the toilet, it would be a mercy end to Labour.   As for Labour, sack their leader, find someone young and like Tony Blair and at least have a decent showing, otherwise its Goodbye and do not let the door hit you on the way out for the Labour Party. 

Trump gave SECRETS to the Russians - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The White House needs a new Chief of Staff, someone that can control Donald Trump, he just can not be allowed to give secrets to the Russians whatever the reason.   The Russians are the last people you tell anything to, it does not matter if the World is coming to an end, they can find out like anyone else.   President Trump must learn not to boast and not say why either, a President must be moderate in what he says in public and private, in less there is a policy objective that needs to get out fast.   The Russians are not our friends, they have never been out friends, except during WW2 and then only because of Germany under Hitler.   NEVER TRUST A RUSSIAN. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Taping the White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the main question in Washington D.C at the moment is, did President Trump tape himself when he had dinner with the former Director of FBI James Comey, the President has refused to say and his staff can't say or do not know.   IF this blog was Trump, it would destroy any tapes, so far the Democrats have not found something that would make the Courts force the Oval to hand over tapes.  Thus the President should invite press to the Rose Garden and destroy them in public, or destroy them himself, and tell no one, that will drive the Democrats up the WALL.   Of course the President could be joking, winding up the liberal elite press, who will spend countless days discussing something that might not be real, that would make Trump laugh.  One can only hope that Trump is no Richard Nixon and keeps the tapes and the whole mess goes to Court. 

New Poll - Conservatives LEAD by 20% - Campaign Trail 38 - GE2017

Guardian - Live Reporting: Reports "

Lets Get Real:
This is a BIG lead, the question is can the Conservatives keep this lead up in till the election on June 8th.   The Manifestos are out this week, the Labour one was leaked, thus no great news on that front, it will be interesting to see the Conservative promises for the elderly and those out of work and on benefits.  It has been argued that the welfare states benefits the OLD while the young gets whats left, will both Parties keep to that line or will the Conservatives be brave and say that the young and ill also need help. 

Latest Poll - Conservatives 18% LEAD - Campaign Trail 37 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

One wonders if the hacking of the NHS will have an affect, will voters accept that nothing is 100% secure, the hack was around the World, and greatest victim was Russia, one can be sure that the FSB will be looking under every PC it can find to check.  The question is who would hack Russia, that is a long list, also who is stupid enough to allow that attack to hit the NHS and other important services around the World.  One can say for sure the FBI in the US, Scotland Yard and MI6 will be looking for the criminals.   It has been reported that the hack as of yesterday has only earned the hackers about 20K.  Thus there will be  a lot of HEAT out there, as there should be, the NHS is part of the heritage of the UK.   Thus far no impact on the polls. 

Oxygen - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

This was a great episode, it started with the start with death, then had the Doctor lecture as what happens if you go into SPACE without a spacesuit, then the Doctor with his friends go travelling in the TARDIS, the Doctor does get a lecture about leaving the VAULT, but the Doctor likes to TRAVEL, thus they go to Space Station dead in Space, the value they need is not money but Oxygen, that is a new concept, if you do not work hard enough your oxygen is cut, British Industry could have done with that in the 1970s!! ( The Guardian readers should throw a wobbly about that )  The Doctor saved the day by saying that that those left behind should die well ( spoiler alert ) before that the Doctor has to give his head of his suit to Blil as she was walking  into space with a faulty suit, the Doctor paid a cost, he went blind, but still saved the day.   That would have been good ending, but then the Doctor said he was really blind without telling Bill, next week should be  a great episode. This series just gets better and better.  Those that are watching reality shows, what is the matter with you, grow up and watch Doctor Who!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Latest Missile Launch by North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is North Korea reminding the World that it is still a problem, the US media obsession with Russia has been hitting the headlines of late, thus pushing North Korea down the news interest.   The World has to be careful that Trump does not uses North Korea as a way to divert attention, the Trump Oval could threaten to strike North Korea, or take other drastic action, this might be the right path but also a way to get ahead of the news cycle.   One can only hope that that Trump's National Security Team can control him, otherwise North Korea could become the new Cuban Missile Crisis.