Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Pyramid At The End of the World - Doctor Who Review

Doctor Who News: Reports " The Pyramid At The End Of The World had an overnight viewing audience of 4.01 million viewers, a share of 20.4% of the total TV audience, according to unofficial figures. "

Lets Get Real:

This was another great episode from a great season, poor Bill's love life needs a rethink, its either the Pope in her flat or the UN Director General.  The Doctor is still keeping secret that he can not see, and then we have a Monks, they understand humanity, they need to be asked to take over, they want be loved.   The Doctor's first reaction is to threaten, then he tells the powers to launch their attacks, this shocks Bill, nice to see that the Doctor can surprise, he does not want to appease or surrender, so British, warning to UK VOTER, if you get Corbyn you get more threats to security.  It was interesting to see Bill make the final decision, to save the Doctor she would give the Earth up, the Doctor was not happy, it might be fun to have Erica on board as a Doctor assistant, she looks bright and fun.  Thus on to next week, how will the Doctor save the Earth? No spoilers in the above, well not that many!

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