Friday, March 31, 2017

The US vs. North Korea - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

WOULD the US really strike North Korea first, if you're going to TOUGH on North Korea you have to follow through, when President Obama didn't attack Syria after stating they had broken his red lines he looked weak and so did the US.   Let's recall that that North Korea has the bomb and a million man army, would they not react to a strike?   Also is the tough language a message to China to get it's act together when it comes to North Korea.  When it comes to North Korea one gut tells one that it will not end well!

Gibraltar is ALWAYS British - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should make it clear to the EU and Spain, that Gibraltar is not open for discussion, any deal with the UK takes Gibraltar and Northern Ireland as the same as Wales.   As long as the good people of Gibraltar and North Ireland want to be British they will BE BRITISH.  The May Government has to be tough with the EU, we will not give them a farthing, the UK will decide TAX RULES and Immigration rules not the EU.  At the  end of the day the UK might  have to take a HARD BREXIT, then we will control all part of UK law. The EU should remember that the UK voter does not react well to blackmail, WW1, WW2 does not have to be mentioned. 

The EX NSA and the Russian Connections - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US Congress should appoint a Joint House and Senate Committee to look at the Russian connection between the Trump Campaign and the Russians.   The fact that former NSA Flynn is looking for immunity is worrying when it comes to the national security of the US, what has he to say that could cause him legal trouble.  The FBI should look deep at the Flynn record while in the Trump Campaign and at the White House just to see if everything is on the up.   It would not shock this blog if the US found that it has a President Pence in the near future, it depends IF the connections lead to President Trump.  Moscow must laughing, the US leadership on foreign policy will be weak while Trump is under the Russian cloud, on the other hand, if Russia pushes it luck it could force Trump to act, show that he is not a Russian puppet.

Doctor Who and the Gay Companion

After Trump and the EU lets have something more uplifting:

Lets Get Real:

It is great to see that Doctor Who will get a full time gay companion, Pearl Mackie will have challenge to beat Captain Jack in the affection of the Who fan base, but you never know.  It is good that Doctor Who will push the envelope, the sexuality of the companion in the 21 Century should not matter, there will always be the Daleks and the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels.  And all those corridors to run, always fun.   This blog can not wait for the return of the Doctor.