Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tie Breaker Voted on by US VP - ObamaCare

Lets Get Real:

Many pundits thought that the Republicans could get his far, let's see what they can do within a week.  In many respects they only need 50 Votes as in a tied vote in the US Senate the US Vice - President casts the deciding vote, thus the OVAL OFFICE can promise that no Republican Senator will pay for the repeal of ObamaCare.   Of course POTUS has dwarfed his victory by his WAR with his own Attorney General, it is easy to see what POTUS is up to, he wants Sessions to resign, then while the US Congress in recess he can appoint a loyal AG, who will do has he is told, sack his Deputy and the Special Consul.   Interesting week ahead for the OVAL OFFICE and the Congress, 

UK Courts to decide EU Citizens Rights in the UK - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government has to be firm about this policy of the UK Courts having the final say about the rights of EU Citizens in the UK, the UK VOTED to leave the EU, it did not vote for there to be two laws for different people.  This is the remainers and the EU trying to thwart the will of the UK voter.  The UK has to be firm that any transition date is short, the UK wants the EU out of UK law, the Queen in the House of Commons in Sovereign.   The EU is full of EU civil servants who want to retire on a FAT pension.   That has to end. 

AG Sessions on the way OUT ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus POTUS wants AG Sessions either to resign or they will fire him, once the Congress goes in to recess the President can appoint man or woman who will stall the Special Prosecutor.   One can see the logic, a new AG who is loyal to Trump will make sure the SP does not go in to Trump's financial records to see if he has any links with Russia.  Of course the Democrats will have a furious reaction, but they do not control the Congress, the 2018 Mid Terms could be about Impeaching the President.