Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The Republicans + The Russians + 2016 Election - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans are not going to accept the Democratic Party's view of 2016 election as it undermines the Trump victory, thus in till the intelligence agency come to Hill and in OPEN session go through ALL the information they have the Republicans can argue the above.   The Democrats want to place a question mark near the Trump Victory, it helps them justify their loss in 2016.   They still find it hard to accept that HRC was a bad candidate and the loss in 2016 was more down to the strategy of the Democratic Party than the Kremlin in Moscow. 

Nixon + South Vietnam + 1968 Election - Nixon Era

Lets Get Real:

The allegation is not new that Nixon in 1968 subverted the Paris Peace talks by telling South Vietnam to keep its distance from the talks.   The new information is from the notes of future Nixon Chief of Staff Halderman.    As stated in this blog and many others it has been argued that Watergate, the break in of the DNC in Washington D.C in 1972 was an attempt to see what the Democrats had on Nixon when it came to the stalled Paris talks of 68.    The then President Lyndon Johnson was aware of what Nixon was up to, he had him bugged, no one was clean when it came to the 68 elections.   In those days, the Parties did not have to worry about the Russians, they played by their own rules, the one rule was not to get caught.

Trump and North Korea - Asia Crisis in the Making

Lets Get Real:

IF the North Koreans create an ICBM what will the Trump Administration do about it, have talks, were the North Koreans promise things and they does the reverse, try to get China to place pressure on NK, that has not worked.   Thus we come to the military option, could Trump order a military operation to remove the threat, that could be very dangerous, as NK has the bomb, and could react by attacking South Korea Capital, the Capital is not far from the border, or does it go for a ground invasion, how would the US react to a million North Koreans crossing the border.   One option is to arm the South Koreans and Japan with nukes, that would be a warning to NK to back off, they could not blackmail the region in the future, none of the above are easy, but doing nothing is not a option.