Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Nixon + South Vietnam + 1968 Election - Nixon Era

Lets Get Real:

The allegation is not new that Nixon in 1968 subverted the Paris Peace talks by telling South Vietnam to keep its distance from the talks.   The new information is from the notes of future Nixon Chief of Staff Halderman.    As stated in this blog and many others it has been argued that Watergate, the break in of the DNC in Washington D.C in 1972 was an attempt to see what the Democrats had on Nixon when it came to the stalled Paris talks of 68.    The then President Lyndon Johnson was aware of what Nixon was up to, he had him bugged, no one was clean when it came to the 68 elections.   In those days, the Parties did not have to worry about the Russians, they played by their own rules, the one rule was not to get caught.

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