Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Trump and North Korea - Asia Crisis in the Making

Lets Get Real:

IF the North Koreans create an ICBM what will the Trump Administration do about it, have talks, were the North Koreans promise things and they does the reverse, try to get China to place pressure on NK, that has not worked.   Thus we come to the military option, could Trump order a military operation to remove the threat, that could be very dangerous, as NK has the bomb, and could react by attacking South Korea Capital, the Capital is not far from the border, or does it go for a ground invasion, how would the US react to a million North Koreans crossing the border.   One option is to arm the South Koreans and Japan with nukes, that would be a warning to NK to back off, they could not blackmail the region in the future, none of the above are easy, but doing nothing is not a option.

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