Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Pyramid At The End of the World - Doctor Who Review

Doctor Who News: Reports " The Pyramid At The End Of The World had an overnight viewing audience of 4.01 million viewers, a share of 20.4% of the total TV audience, according to unofficial figures. "

Lets Get Real:

This was another great episode from a great season, poor Bill's love life needs a rethink, its either the Pope in her flat or the UN Director General.  The Doctor is still keeping secret that he can not see, and then we have a Monks, they understand humanity, they need to be asked to take over, they want be loved.   The Doctor's first reaction is to threaten, then he tells the powers to launch their attacks, this shocks Bill, nice to see that the Doctor can surprise, he does not want to appease or surrender, so British, warning to UK VOTER, if you get Corbyn you get more threats to security.  It was interesting to see Bill make the final decision, to save the Doctor she would give the Earth up, the Doctor was not happy, it might be fun to have Erica on board as a Doctor assistant, she looks bright and fun.  Thus on to next week, how will the Doctor save the Earth? No spoilers in the above, well not that many!

Labour's WEAKNESS on Terror - Diane Abbott - Campaign Trail 57 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF you want a weak security and terrorism to be bigger THREAT just vote for Jeremy Corbyn, as he will appoint his former girlfriend Diana Abbott has his Home Secretary, Abbott is on the loony left of the Labour Party, the same side as Corbyn, JUST READ THIS ARTICLE, and you will see that even the Guardian has no truck with her.  In the past she has opposed tough security and opposed security measures that would protect the UK Citizen.  IF you want the terrorists to win, just VOTE LABOUR, Corbyn will make the UK weak and a open target for terrorists.  The foolishness of Abbott is showed by comparing her views to her hair style, what a plonker. 

Corbyn BLAMES Western policy for Terror Attacks - Campaign trail 56 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above shows how out of touch Jeremy Corbyn is with the rest of the UK population, here we have a man who has refused to be critical of the IRA when given a chance by TV interviews.  Also sees terrorism has a reaction to Western military policy, that beheadings of of Daesh is due to bad Western Foreign Policy.  The UK voter has to smell the coffee and and get the FACT that if Labour wins on June 8th the UK will look like an idiot, but worse, Corbyn would remove the RAF from fighting Daesh, the UK would no take no action in either Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.   On the domestic front, TAXES would sky rocket, we would return to the strikes of the 1970s.   The Trade Union policy of the Thatcher Era would be removed, we would become the Sick Man of Europe again.  Also we would take any deal given to us by the EU, how ever bad.  SMELL COFFEE AND VOTE CONSERVATIVE. 

New UK Polls - Campaign Trail 55 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The polls go from a six point LEAD for the Conservatives to a 12 point, take your pick, none of the polls show Labour winning.  The last full week of the Campaign should be interesting, can the Conservatives rebuild their strong lead, can Corbyn's Labour Party make use of a popular manifesto launch.   The right wing Conservative papers are going to go after Corbyn this week, he has made to many BAD speeches or statements that make him look pro IRA, and anti British.  The leaders have hard TV interviews and question and answer sessions this week, we shall see what the polls say on the last weekend before the election.