Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Guantánamo Bay the Endless Prison - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Gitmo should NEVER be closed, it should be kept open to take new terrorists, they are a constant threat to the US.   The new Trump Administration should carry on with the drone strikes, in fact increase them, get the lawyers out of the room and kill the terrorists.  If the terrorists can be captured they should be taken to Gitmo, waterboarding should be used to get information.   The lax Obama Administration was more interested in what the liberal NYT and the Guardian think, the main concern should be the security of the US and Europe, thus Daesh and Al Qaeda need to be destroyed, lives need to be saved, terrorists do not have rights.

The Defence Department vs. President Obama - Obama Era

Lets Get Real:

The Manning pardon by President Obama was a national disgrace, the liberal President could not help himself, he was throwing a bone to the LEFT, the US national security did not enter his mind.  There is no way of removing the pardon, but the new Trump Administration should make it clear that those release US national security secrets are traitors, and that the previous action by President Obama was a disgrace and will not happen under a Trump Administration.   One can only say that JFK and Reagan are turning in their graves, this would not have happened under their Administrations.

Obama leaves on high in polls - Obama Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a good poll rating to have at the end of two terms, it should be noted that Bill Clinton had 66% approval rating by Gallup in 2001, while Reagan had 63% in 1989, thus far the Gallup poll has not been published for Obama.   Of course Reagan had seen his VP, Bush 41 elected his successor, while Clinton saw his VP, Al Gore defeated by Bush 43, and Obama has seen the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton go down to Donald Trump.   The press really HATE the Trump, they are hardly objective when it comes to President Trump, let's hope the new President is very lucky and can produce results, if US is great again then the World is better off, if Trump is a disaster the World suffers, both in the economic and security field.