Friday, December 09, 2016

Did the Russians HACK the Dems? - Part 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Does President - Elect Trump really think that the Russians did not hack the Democratic Party, or is he using the incident or lack of incident to make friends with Putin and do a deal over Syria.   The Russians take care of Daesh in Syria and quickly, while Trump gives the green light for the US Forces to take out Daesh in Iraq.    The evidence is pretty clear that the Russians were up to something, the question is WHAT, did they hack the Democrats, as to help Trump or was it by product, one never knows with the Russians.   Let give both Trump and Putin the benefit of the doubt, IF they can agree on Daesh, de frost the relationship, but also the US has to be clear to PUTIN, the Baltic States are off the board as far as Russia concerned, and that Trump will defend NATO Countries.    The New Cold War 2 could become part of history, it will be interesting to see how this works out in the first Trump year.

The Democrats are Fishing for Russian Ties to Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats think this is 1968 ALL over again, as the reader might recall the Nixon Campaign in 68 had talks with the Government South Vietnam as to place pressure on them not to attend the Paris peace talks, this helped Richard Nixon in the 1968 Presidential fight.  The Democrats are looking for ties between Russia and Trump, they WANT to find that Russia and the Trump campaign were working together to subvert the will of the American people.    The 1968 story is true, it came out decades later, and has been linked to the Watergate scandal, as it was Nixon was checking to see what the Democrats had on him for the 1972 election.   The idea that Putin and Trump are working together sounds MAD, and in the real world it would not happen, to many ways the story would leak.   Both President Putin and President Elect Trump are ego maniacs, they like to be considered as great Statesmen.   The very basic truth is that HRC was not a good candidate, she is not President Obama, the Obama magic did not transfer to her, she lost, it is that simple and brutal.

The Russians and the 2016 Presidential Election - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The is a good move by President Obama, the FBI, CIA, NSA, MUST have some information that would either confirm or clear the Russians of doing the hacking.   The FACT is this blog thinks the Democrats are right on this subject, it was in the interest of the Russians for Trump to win, and they pushed ALL buttons to make sure it happened.   The question is what will the new Trump Administration do with the investigation once it takes power, it will be faced by the US intelligence agencies stating that Russia via hacking tried to subvert the US democratic system.   As winner takes ALL, one expects a Trump Oval to deep six the report.   President Obama should have made more of the issue before the election, he should have taken the right to Donald Trump, being cool and losing is not winning.