Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump and Nukes - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This could be POTUS sabre rattling with the Russians as they have broken the INF Treaty with the development of a new Cruise Missile.   The US has to be firm with Russia, the Russia Bear thinks it can act as it wants because Trump wants a better relationship, well it is times for the US Eagle to show its claws, make the Russian Bear back off.   The INF Treaty was seen as ending the Cold War in may ways, it abolished any entire type of missile, and later saw the development of the START framework for the reduction of the nuclear missiles.   The US has to show that it supports Ukraine in its fight against Russia and will support its NATO allies in the Baltic States.  Time for the Donald to bully Russia back, show that he is not a puppet of Russia and the allegations that Russia has something on him are rubbish.

Iraq Attacks Daesh in Syria - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As the above article notes the attack was agreed by the Assad Government, thus this rises the question was the US part of the process, if so the Russians must have been informed. Thus back again to the question of the links between the Trump Administration and Russia. One can discount the theory that Iraq would have taken action without at least the US knowing about the attacks, there are a lot of planes flying in Syria these days, for security and operational information the US must have know, it will be interesting if reporters can get the White House to make a comment.   Is the US Government having secret back channel talks with Assad through Russia ?  Syria get more complicated every day. 

White House Chief of Staff/ FBI and the Russian Links - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This story broke on CNN last night, the elite press are still banging on about this suppose scandal, in this case it was the FBI that started the talk by stating that the UBER liberal NYT had gone over the top with its allegations about the links between Russia and the Trump Campaign.  In seems only logical that the White House Chief of Staff would ask then FBI then to release that story, it would seem odd if he did not request it, it has been a constant negative for the Trump Administration since it took office.  The uber elite press, NYT, CNN are on a witchhunt, they want to smash the Trump Administration before it even gets started.

US Troops for Syria - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This development is not new, NBC News reported that the US was considering sending troops in to Syria, one can suggest that there is someone one the US Defence Department who does not like the idea, thus these leaks.   The Oval should take time to consider any plan for Syria that needs US troops, it can be argued that the Western supported rebels needs the US troops for the close combat will be needed for the Capital of Daesh in Syria.   The Iraqi fight for Western Mosul is going quite slow, they have taken the Eastern Part but most of the population and Daesh are in the West.   The House to House, Street to Street combat that will have to take place in Syria and Iraq means that the Iraqi Army and Western supported rebels in Syria will need US troops as back up, it will be bloody and hard, thus better a quick victory that a slow and bloody one.

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Copeland by - election Result - May Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog wants Jeremy Corbyn to stay on as Labour Leader, he is perfect leader for the Conservatives to be in power for decades ahead.   IF Labour does not dump Corbyn it will be the Opposition Party that becomes a joke, a Party has to be ruthless, the Conservatives to their shame got rid of Lady Thatcher, they went on to win the 1992 election against the odds.   The Conservative Party should go for a HARD Brexit, lets cut all ties with the EU, what has the EU ever done for YOU?.   The urban elite might have benefit out of the EU, the rest of us have not, a good day to be a Conservative.