Sunday, February 05, 2017

Is Trump a Putin Puppet ? - Trum Era

Lets Get Real:

One is starting to think that the conspiracy theorists might have a point, that Russia has some dirt on Trump, who goes out of his way to defend President Putin, what earthly reason, the old argument that Russia will help in the Middle East is a bit tired, so far they have not attacked Daesh in Syria in force, does Trump really believe that he can work with Putin?  The answer was in response to the statement that Putin is a killer, the President stated the above, WHY? It might be a good idea for the US Congress to investigate the links between Trump and the Russians, it starting to smell fishy!!!   One does not credit Trump with being naive.

The US Travel Ban and the US Voter - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The liberal media elite have been negative about Trump from the start, his travel ban is also hated by the elite media, thus one is not shocked that a majority of Americans oppose the policy.   The policy itself is racist, it hits Muslim Countries and makes people less likely to help Americans on the ground.   As an example those who helped Western forces in Iraq and are seeking to make a new home in the US after Iraq become too dangerous for them and their families are left stuck, this will be looked at in the future by people asked to help the US and they will  see when it comes right down to it the US will leave them with a big X on their back.  Thus one can only hope that the US Federal Courts stick to their view and revoke the ban.

Iran vs. Trump - Trump Era

Telegraph: Reports " Iran vows to use 'roaring missiles' if threatened and defies new sanctions "

Lets Get Real:

Tehran should be careful, with the Courts blocking Trump's travel ban, the Oval Office might need to release it's anger by taking it out on Iran, in the field of foreign policy with the exception of the travel ban the President in many respects his own Master.    Thus to divert attention the Oval might tell the US Navy to attack any ships from Iran or it allies that come close and are a threat, Obama did not take action when this happened, this is Trump, he might let lose the dogs of war on Tehran.  The new President will find that the Oval Office is not a reality tv show, his orders can be countered by the US system, and getting Europe to be tough on Iran might be difficult.   The European Countries see a new market; after sanctions were lifted due to the nuclear deal; for their stuff, thus economic needs might outway security needs.  It only been three weeks since Trump took office, one wonders will he have white hair as President Obama did after eight years in the job.

US Federal Courts vs. President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is why the US system is great, there are checks and balances with the system, the Courts have blocked the Trump travelling ban, as stated it is racist and not effective in getting a better relationship with Countries and people.    The new President has to learn that the US Presidency is not a reality TV show, that requires constant shocks, you have to build allies within the system, from the Congress on down.   An effective US President would have used the Congress to pass an Act that would have done what Trump wanted but with insight from others, the travel ban was a quick job, and left allies out in the cold.  In UK terms an interesting historical case is how the Tudors used Parliament to get what they wanted, while Stuarts by passed them, and we all know how that ended.   This is the time for POTUS to re-group and and start again when it comes to people from iffy Countries, this should be a lesson on how to govern, let us hope that Trump is a quick learner.