Sunday, February 05, 2017

US Federal Courts vs. President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is why the US system is great, there are checks and balances with the system, the Courts have blocked the Trump travelling ban, as stated it is racist and not effective in getting a better relationship with Countries and people.    The new President has to learn that the US Presidency is not a reality TV show, that requires constant shocks, you have to build allies within the system, from the Congress on down.   An effective US President would have used the Congress to pass an Act that would have done what Trump wanted but with insight from others, the travel ban was a quick job, and left allies out in the cold.  In UK terms an interesting historical case is how the Tudors used Parliament to get what they wanted, while Stuarts by passed them, and we all know how that ended.   This is the time for POTUS to re-group and and start again when it comes to people from iffy Countries, this should be a lesson on how to govern, let us hope that Trump is a quick learner.

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