Friday, May 26, 2017

Corbyn the TERROR APPEASER - Campaign Trail 53 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF the UK elects the Labour Party as its a new Government, it would be making a disastrous mistake, the US would pull out of any support, the US and its allies would be worried about giving any secret information to the UK, the shoe would be on the other foot.  The EU would be laughing, they could push any BAD deal they like and a Corbyn Administration would take it, the stock markets would hit the floor, bankers would be on their planes out, taxes would go up for everyone, the rich never get taxed as they can leave.   The UK would no longer have a secured nuclear system, as Corbyn has made it clear that he would never give the order to launch.  The UK would be weak, the target of terrorists, the Russians would push harder to gain back the former USSR.  In fact a Corbyn Government could lead to World War 3.  It is time for the UK voter and smelled the coffee, votes as serious and so are the results. 

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