Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Poll - Labour Increase Poll Share - Campaign Trail 60 - GE2017

UK Polling Report: Reports " Survation for Good Morning Britain this morning had topline figures of CON 43%(nc), LAB 37%(+3), LDEM 9%(nc), UKIP 4%(nc). "

Lets Get Real:

This polls shows a Conservative LEAD of 6%, this is in line with previous polls, a Tory lead but Labour is growing its support.  A YouGov Poll tomorrow in The Times shows that the we are heading for a HUNG Parliament, the Conservatives would be the biggest Party but not with a majority.   It seems that the Tory wobble has increased, the Conservatives have to go out of their way to destroy Cobryn over the next few days, the Conservatives have to draw a picture of a leader who is not up to the job, who can not remember policy on important domestic issues, would weaken the UK, Corbyn would get rid of the UK's nuclear ability, he would not protect the Country from terrorists, and Corbyn has meet a few terrorists in his time.   The TAXES of people in the middle would go up, the UK would be pushed around by the EU, the clear BREXIT wanted by the people would not happen.   One can only hope that the Times is wrong

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