Tuesday, April 18, 2017

North Korea Crisis - Update - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In other words for all the fury coming of the Oval Office, the reality that the US will take real action is LOW, the Capital of South Korea is not that far from the border between South and North Korea, the North Koreans with conventional weapons could cause the death of hundred of thousands of South Koreans, also NK has the bomb, a nuclear device could hit South Korea and Japan.  Of course the US would finish off North Korea, that is not the point the death toll in Asia would be the point, China would be faced with hundred of thousands of refugees from North Korea, the death toll could be in the millions and that would include US citizens and Soldiers.  Thus it can be argued that the US will allow itself to be blackmailed once again for food or money, the real CRISIS POINT will come if North Korea ever has a working ICBM.  That would be a game changer, and make the Cuban Missile Crisis look like happy hour.

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