Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Young are THICK, Stuck on Smartphones, and have the Intelligence of a Dodo!

Lets Get Real:

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats is WRONG, well that is not new for the LibDems, they have returned to their favourite place, a pressure group, next they will want to go and live France as it in the EU.   The argument by Cable seems to say  that us older voters matter less than young voters, this of course would have nothing to do with the fact that the base of the Liberal Democrats is naive students who could not find their lecture hall without a smartphone, a left wing elite who can not make up their mind.  They YOUNG are THICK, they have this naive view that the elite is right, while the rest of us are poor voters who do not understand.  This blog is calling for national service for modern youngsters, make them do SOME REAL WORK, or some fighting.   It can be argued that the Young should not get the vote in till their 21 or are doing a real job, and software design does not cut it, job in the mines for a few weeks, street cleaner, so they see how the other half live.   If they young have been shafted it is about time, get them in to the real world, Uni does not last forever, the real world is REAL. 

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