Sunday, August 06, 2017

The UK held to ransom by the EU - UK Betrayed if we PAY

Lets Get Real:

The UK is being to ransom by the EU, the fact that we are willing to give them 36 billion pounds just to get  a trade agreement shows that the EU is just after money for itself.  The UK voter would prefer that the billion did not go to the EU but to the NHS.  The UK Government should walk away from the EU, they can ask the Germans or the French to pay the debt, they want to stay in the EU, well its costs, and the UK is out in 2019.   If you're reading this post write or email to your MP and demand they oppose any sum, it does not matter if they are Conservative or Labour, the UK Elite has to get the fact that we want out of the EU.  The elite think they know better, the voters in 2016 knew what they voted for, it is simple, OUT OF THE EU, no ties to any Courts.  The MPs should listen to democracy. 

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