Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Trump and Russia - New US Sanctions

Lets Get Real:

On the whole most US Presidents would be fine with sanctions on Russia, Reagan even joked once that he  had outlawed the USSR and the US would be bombing, it was a sound test for a speech he was going to make, while Trump is seen as carrying water for Putin's Russia.  It has been said that the Democrats have found their inner Reagan, they almost sound like the want WAR with Russia over HRC losing in 2016.   It shows how political the issue has become, while Republicans base has gotten over its view of Russia as a threat, except those that were never Trump in the first place.   The Trump Oval has to get the fact that Putin's Russia is a THREAT to the US national security, and a threat to NATO.  Either Russia has something on Trump, if so the US Congress must find out or the Special Prosecutor could discover something.  If there is no there, there, then Trump has to learn a lesson, that most recent US Presidents have found, they can NOT TRUST President Putin of Russia. 

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