Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trump and the US Congress - ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The failure of President Trump in the House is down to TRUMP, the deal maker does  not understand Washington D.C. he is no LBJ or Ronald Reagan, these Presidents understood the art of the deal, and how to sweet talk or bribe FOR VOTES in the House or Senate.  President Trump should read up on LBJ and Reagan, it has been said that Reagan has the best first term team in ages, they got his Agenda past, tax cuts, government cuts, defence buildup and in 1986 he got tax reform, so far Trump on the Hill has gotten ZERO, and it is his fault.  President Trump wanted to be POTUS, well he should have read up on the subject, making a land deal is not the same as being POTUS, even Obama did a better job, getting ObamaCare through the Congress.

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