Wednesday, March 22, 2017

4 Deaths and 20 Injured in London Terror Attack - London Update

Lets Get Real:

Thus far it looks like it was one lone wolf terrorist, the images shown on TV and in the Daily Mail look like the terrorist was of Middle Eastern origin, of course that is speculation, and the picture might change when the Police gain more information.   Western Europe has seen an increase in lone wolf attacks, the intelligence networks can only do so much, the public have to keep their ears open and report anything suspicious to the Police.   As noted by the Police themselves they have thwarted many attacks, but the lone wolf is the hardest to catch, as it is cell of one.   Also with the success of Iraqi  and Western forces in Iraq it could lead to Daesh pushing its followers to attack Western Countries, there is an increase in the threat because the West and its supporters are pushing in to the Capital of Daesh in Syria.  Thus MI5, Police in the UK, and the FBI in the US have to keep their eyes and ears open, thus the need to bug people, security comes at a cost.

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