Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Hillary Clinton Question - What NOW?

Lets Get Real:

This blog has already ordered the recent release of a book on the Clinton Campaign, it was sold out, thus blog has to wait a week.  The book shows the flaws of the Clinton Camp, how data Campaign was more important than going to the rust belt States.  As a Pastor said on CNN, Data does not vote, it is election science when politics is about the art of the game, that was a major flaw by the Clinton Camp, also they did not listen to Bill Clinton, he told them that they needed to go after the WHITE VOTE in the rust belt States, what ever you think about Bill Clinton he is a great politician, he lives and breaths politics.   Thus HRC is going to write her own book, lets hope its HONEST, that the major flaw with with the HRC Campaign of 2016 was HRC, she is not a good candidate, it was the same problem when she lost to Obama in 08, the Democrats and HRC are pushing the view that it was down to the FBI, the Russians, everyone else, at the end of the day Hillary Clinton did not connect to voters.  In the view of this blogger she seemed to think she had the right to the Oval Office, that defending Bill over the years was a VIP route to the Oval.  Just become the share the same surname does not mean that Bill could transfer his political gift to HRC.   

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