Tuesday, July 18, 2017

President Trump on Obama Care and Taxes - US Domestic Agenda

Fox News: Reports " President Trump said Tuesday he's prepared “let ObamaCare fail” after the collapse of Senate Republicans' latest health care bill, indicating he's willing to move on to tax reform and other issues – and deal with an Affordable Care Act fix down the road. "

Lets Get Real:

The Trum Oval should move fast on to tax cuts, even moderate Republicans can not oppose tax cuts, this will help after the failure over ObamaCare.   The tax cuts should be deep and help the middle class, welfare also has to be cut, the Trump Oval has to recall who voted for Trump, they are Conservatives in Conservatives States now, they can go back to supporting liberal Democrats.   The Republicans need to push tax cuts down the throats of Democrats, make them oppose such a move, it might be liked by the uber liberal NYT, but the liberals of the NYT are not the fly over States, they want tax cuts and welfare cuts. 

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