Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why Hillary Clinton LOST in 2016 - What people told Gallup

Lets Get Real:

The Trump should not have bothered going after political dirt on HRC, she created her own scandal by having a private email server and not getting out in front of the story, in fact it took time for the Clinton Campaign to get the fact that the Clinton " Truth " about her email was not quite the truth as found by the US Congress or the FBI.   If your the Russians it works either way, you support Trump and expect better relations with the Trump in the OVAL.   While if HRC wins she has made sure that the Republicans will take months if not years to investigate her when it comes to her email server, thus undercutting her first term.  The Democrats if they are SMART will chose a  moderate next time, liberal as you like on domestic issues, but to the right when it comes to Defence and terrorism.   If the Democrats chose a liberal on domestic and international issues the Republicans headed by Trump or Pence will beat them again in 2020. 

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