Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Conservatives and the DUP - Post GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The left wing BBC News and Guardian are loving this, they see it as a way to rollback Brexit, also having a go at the Conservative Party.  The basic facts are that either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party would need the support of the DUP to get laws passed in the House of Commons.   The DUP are firm supporters of Brexit, but they do not want a hard border between the North and South, in this the Party could be on dodgy ground, they might be forced to chose between keeping the North in the UK or see as part of the Republic for Treaty talks, one can assume that they would support a HARD BREXIT if means keeping the North in the UK.   The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is deluded, the one thing needed to keep the Conservatives in line is the threat of Corbyn in No 10.   Those remainers in the Conservative Party should put a sock in it, it can be stated that it is the same people turning up all the time, some are remainers and have been sacked by PM May.   The PM should say SORRY to the Conservative members of the House of Commons, for the bad campaign and her fault for going for an early election, but also she should be firm, its her or Corbyn.   Let's see of May can fight with her back against the WALL, that is when a leader is defined. 

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