Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Conservative Party and the DUP - Post 2017 Election

Lets Get Real:

As long as the DUP supports the Conservative Party on Budget issues and security then we should have a stable government, one assumes that the DUP will demand extra money for North Ireland, that should not be a problem.  It will be interesting to see their take on Brexit, what kind of Brexit do they actually want, they might have only two choices, Brexit that takes the North as part of Republic or a hard Brexit that keeps the North as part of the UK.  Also lets recall that the Labour Party is for Brexit, it will be interesting to see how they vote on Brexit issues.   It was bad Thursday,  could have been at Titanic levels, except for the FACT that the Labour Party LOST, if they had visited more Conservative marginals they could have won, sometimes you only get the one chance. 

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