Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Clinton Failure - Post 2016 - Dems Post Clinton

Lets Get Real:

The Election 2016 Ghost, HRC is back in the spotlight, she is blaming everyone else for her defeat from Putin to the DNC, and by linkage the Obama Administration.   One gets the feeling that HRC wants to run in 2020, you can see the mind process, Trump is a disaster, I look good, I am a Leader, the US needs me as President.  In her soul she must be thinking, I stood by Bill, I am owed it by the Party and the Country.   In the real world, HRC is a two time loser, she lost to Obama in 2008 and to Trump in 2016, by taking up all the air in the room it is making harder for new faces to shine, at present the leaders and hopefuls for 2020 are in their 70s, more OAP Party than youth.  It seems that the dim young, prefer older leaders, that must be the sole reason for the success of Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.   At some point the powerful interests with the Democratic Party have to make it clear to HRC that  it is over, SHE LOST, there are no third chapters in US politics, she is no Reagan. 

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