Sunday, June 11, 2017

The FUTURE of PM May - Post 2017 Election

Lets Get Real:

The PM has to batton down the hatches, she should for for a HARD BREXIT, and dare the remainers in the House of Commons to vote with Jeremy Corbyn, it should be noted that the Labour Party is not united on Brexit, the Government can count on a few Labour MPs supporting the Government.   Also in all the praise for Jeremy Corbyn from the left it has been forgotten that he is not that great in the House of Commons.  They say a week is a long time in politics, six months to year is a lifetime.   The Conservative has to go popular, craft new laws that get the UK population to support the party again, keep the winter fuel allowance for all, keep the lock on pensions, cut back on austerity, someone else can pay the bill.  The young who voted for Corbyn will get peeved that they did not win, in six months time or a year and with a new leader the Conservatives can win again, nothing is over in till its over. 

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