Friday, June 23, 2017

The links between the Clinton Campaign and the Obama Justice Department

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans are being smart, they are looking in to links between the Clinton Campaign and the Obama Department of Justice, and how if ANY influence was used to cover for HRC while she ran against Trump in 2016.   The Democrats might regret opening up the Russian scandal, the Republicans can make it hard for the Democrats to win without shinning a light on any links between the Obama Attorney General and the Clintons.  It should be noted that Director Comey only went public when he found out that the US Attorney General had spent half an hour with Bill Clinton in airport tarmac to discuss their families.  HALF AN HOUR, does it take that long to talk about one's family.  Our American cousins might be more liberal about such issues, we Brits are more remote even with our own families. 

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