Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The House Seat Election in Georgia - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Think about this US voter, the main stream media wants to impeach Trump, and every day its the Russian matter or the lack of press answers, the liberal culture is having a go at Trump every day and the Republicans are still winning.   The MSM does not understand its viewers, they might notice its uber liberal reporting, but it does not mean they  trust it, CNN is constant anti Trump, if Trump discovered the cure for cancer they would run a hit job on the story. The late night comedy talk show hosts take the micky out of Trump ever night, but Republicans still win.  The is a cultural divide and age divide, Senator Sanders has made a connection to the young, but he is seen as far to LEFT WING, the joke being that he went on honeymoon to the USSR and never came back!!  The HRC campaign could never find its message, thus its loss.  In 2017 Jeremy Corbyn connected to the young, but he still lost, the extremes on both side of the Atlantic do not represent the whole, the moderates have to find a way of winning without the extreme right or left.   That is main question of this decade. 

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