Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump and Republicans on the Hill - Trump Era

The Hill: Reports on the different views held by the Trump Campaign and Republicans on the Hill when it comes to Russian hacking, the article states the following, " But the president-elect’s counteroffensive has been undercut by other Republicans who are calling for a congressional investigation into the matter. "

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans on the Hill are looking at a different election cycle, yes 2018, they can not be seen as weak on Russia when it comes to the base, the Trump Administration one hopes does have a long term plan for Russia and its threats to Western and Middle East security. The Congress should investigate what the Russians were up too, but not in away that give arrows the the Democrats, they LOST 2016 with having a BAD CANDIDATE, HRC did not connect to white working class voters, the old Reagan Democrats, they have seen Main Street go down hill while Wall Street has done well out of the Obama years.   The Democrats will throw any kind of mud as long as it sticks, the Republicans should work with Trump but also secure their base for the next election cycle.   The Democrats are already looking to the future.

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