Monday, July 24, 2017

Civil War in Labour over Brexit - Post Brexit Debate

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Party is divided as the Conservatives when it comes to the EU, it will be interesting to see in September how the Labour Party will vote when it comes to the repeal of the EU Treaty.  If Corbyn tells his MPs to abstain when it comes to the vote how many will obey and how many will vote to block the move.  In a odd way it works for the Conservatives to have Corbyn as the Leader of Labour, he has never supported the EU, and thus can be expected not to oppose the Government when it comes to Brexit.  Those in the Conservative Party that want to replace PM May have only this one chance to ACT, otherwise she could be there for the duration.   It will be interesting to see what August silly stories come up, they always happen in this holiday period. 

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